An inconvenient shooting spree for the MSM

The MSM and the anti-gun advocates conveniently ignored a story out of Orange County California from a few days ago where a 20-year-old lowlife “student” went on a shooting and carjacking spree. When the smoke cleared 3 people were killed and 3 others wounded. The gunman then offed himself – good riddance!

This story stayed under the radar of the anti-second amendment radicals and their media allies for one simple reason. The shooter just happened to be named Ali Syed – that’s right, a Muslim! The Los Angeles Times writes that the killer left “few clues as to his motive.” As if they ever need a motive.

Evidently, the need to not show Muslims as being violent overrides the need for further examples as to why we desperately need more restrictions on guns. Rest assured that if this student was a white dweeb like the ones that perpetrated the Aurora theatre and Sandy Hook massacres, this story would be all over MSNBC, CNN, ABC … all of the usual suspects.

Isn’t it a bitch when the forces of political correctness and left-wing agendas occasionally collide?

Read Los Angeles Times story here.

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