UNC student faces expulsion for creating an “intimidating environment” for her alleged rapist

There’s a weird and rather confusing story making the rounds about a University of North Carolina student facing expulsion for allegedly creating an ‘intimidating environment’ for her alleged rapist, even though she has not publicly identified him.

From the NY Daily News:

When University of North Carolina student Landen Gambill complained to the student-run Honor Court that her ex had raped her, she wound up feeling abused again.

Gambill, a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, now faces expulsion for creating an “intimidating environment” for her ex-boyfriend and feels it is retaliation for her going public and the university’s way of covering up sexual violence on the campus.

“Certain administrators have decided to continue their retaliation against me by charging me with a violation in the Honor Court,” Gambill wrote on her Facebook page. “Despite the fact that I’ve never identified him.”

It seems that at UNC rape victims can choose to either report the incident to police or take it to the student-run Honor Court.

Being a dumbed down, brainwashed college student, Ms. Gambill chose to take the matter up with the Honor Court. The Honor Court then ruled that her alleged rapist was innocent of the charges.

Although not mentioned in any of the stories about this incident, I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Gambill’s ex-boyfriend/rapist must be a so-called minority (probably black or Hispanic…excuse me, Chicano) because there’s no way in hell that the student-run Honor Court would have acquitted a White Guy of these charges.

White guys (men) are predatory creatures who use their white privilege to abuse and subjugate both women and minorities. We all remember what those white devils at Duke did to that poor black stripper!

It’s really about time that white women begin to learn their place in the pecking order of 2013 America, especially on college campuses. It’s real easy girls! The one thing to remember is that the only people below you, and the only ones who could possibly violate your rights, are the white guys. Remember, even though you are women, you’re still after all, white.

It can be a bitch, but you have to live in the world you helped to create.

Read NY Daily News story here.

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