Philadelphia Mayor Nutter goes nuts over “Being White in Philly” article

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has his panties in a wad over an article in a local Philly newspaper and he’s calling for some sort of an investigation. He actually went as far as to suggest that criminal charges should be brought against the author of the piece.

Boy, these black Democrats really love the Constitution – don’t they?

Mr. Nutter is upset because the article titled “Being White in Philly” talks to some white residents about dealing with the black people in their neighborhoods. Anyone that follows the news is aware that Philadelphia has become a hot spot of black violence, perhaps playing second fiddle only to the progressive utopia known as Chicago.

Having read the piece, which is linked to at the bottom of the page, I don’t see what the big deal is. Most of the comments from the “whites” include rationalizations about the black danger in the city. Some of them strike me as your typical liberal yuppies participating in the attempted gentrification of a city that has long ago turned to crap.

There was, however, one person that actually let it all hang out without the annoying self-censorship that most white Americans practice. This is what probably has Mayor Nutter in a tizzy. It came from a woman referred to as Anna (not her real name) who is a student from Russia. The Russians evidently don’t understand how Western political correctness works – therefore the rare honesty.

Anna said:

“I’ve been here for two years, I’m almost done. Blacks use skin color as an excuse. Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you support them when they won’t work, just make babies and smoking pot? I walk to work in Center City, black guys make compliments, ‘Hey beautiful. Hey sweetie.’ White people look but don’t make comments. … ”

Anna would be wise to hightail it out of Philly the moment she’s done with her education!

Just a few years ago AG Holder scolded Americans for being too cowardly to talk about race, but when whites really open up about race and speak honestly, the excrement always hits the fan. The plain and simple facts are that the blacker a geographical area is, the more crime you have. One can discuss all the various theories and reasons as to why this is, but the facts can’t be disputed.  Would Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland and Newark have such high crime rates (especially violent crime) if not for their black populations? The honest and obvious answer is NO!

All the hoopla over this piece is a bunch of baloney. I can only imagine how Mr. Nutter would react if white Americans living in places like Philadelphia actually spoke freely about their views on race as it relates to crime and standard of living, like the Russian woman “Anna” in the piece did.

Read Being White in Philly piece HERE.

Read about Mayor Nutter’s freak-out over the piece HERE.

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Reader Comments

As a 51 year old white male living in Philadelphia, I could not disagree more with Anna’s perspective. Black males never compliment me when I walk down the street.

Written By Lonnie on March 26th, 2013 @ 9:39 pm

Me neither!
But for some reason Romanian men are always hitting on me – go figure.

Written By admin on March 27th, 2013 @ 12:01 am