Paula Deen admits to using the N-Word – fired!

Big mistake – telling the truth.

Stephen Colbert:Typical liberal hypocrite

Colbert never lost a second of sleep worrying about how Ann Romney felt while her husband was mercilessly attacked by Democrats, or, how the Palin family felt when his fellow brainless left-wing comedian, David Letterman, joked about Palin’s underage daughter being “knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee dugout.



We’ve gone completely insane!

Evidently, idiots like Kim Kardashian have problems with the appearance of a male dog’s private parts after the operation.

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Is Lance Armstrong finally coming clean?

In the end, Lance Armstrong will probably get by ok. After all, in today’s society a disgraced celebrity is still in fact, a celebrity.

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The pathetic tale of lance Armstrong

The real tragedy, if you can call it that, is that Lance Armstrong evidently had millions of people, good people, fooled.

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Romney in big trouble

In what may go down as the game-changer of the 2012 election, Madonna endorsed BHO’s reelection this past Thursday.

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As it turns out, Dee Snider is just another liberal jerk

So Dee Snider doesn’t believe in reducing the national debut that has exploded under Obama? I guess he doesn’t give a damn that his children and grandchildren will have to pay the bills.

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