Nah…can’t be!

I know this may come as a shock to many people, but it seems that some technological genius has finally been able to break through our state of the art election security system…and get this…vote more than once!!

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Another Right-Wing Conspiracy against a squeaky clean Democrat

New Jersey Senator and all-around sleazebag, Robert Menendez, is blaming his alleged problems with underage Dominican hookers on… …you guessed it, a right wing conspiracy. That defense almost certainly means he is guilty of the allegations. See story here. The funny thing is that this douchebag flew to the Dominican Republic on the private jet […]

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Debunking the Sandy Hook alternative theories

These alternate theories on Sandy Hook are being fueled by arrogance and secrecy from law enforcement – like threatening people with prosecution for exercising their First Amendment rights – and by a sloppy and lazy media that only wants to propagandize this story for political means.

Theories on the Sandy Hook shootings – my take.

Those twenty children and six school staff members were real people – and they did die at the hands of that sick twisted freak, Adam Lanza – I think.

Apollo moon landing conspiracies

I’m sure that everyone except the typical Obama voter knows that Monday (July 20th) was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 astronauts landing, and then walking on the Moon. Neil Armstrong was, of course, the first man to step foot on the Moon, followed shortly after by Buzz Aldrin.   The coverage of the 40th […]

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