Nah…can’t be!

I know this may come as a shock to many people, but it seems that some technological genius has finally been able to break through our state of the art election security system…and get this…vote more than once!!

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Heartwarming story for the Holidays

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that black so-called professionals would behave in such a way, but reality is still reality regardless of how uncomfortable it may make some people feel.

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This is America???

Is it already too late to regain our past greatness?

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Don’t blame young people for Obama – not young white people, that is.

Making babies and raising children are two different things.

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WND: Did Obama Really Win?

Many people seem very content at the thought of their grandchildren living under a dictatorial Marxist regime.

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Pravda tells it like it is!

They read history in America don’t they?

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Republican strategists blaming talk-radio and Rush Limbaugh for Romney defeat

What happened is that Mitt Romney turned out to be too conservative for the very establishment that was pushing him.

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Rush Limbaugh hits it on the head!

He made the point that when Democrats lose elections they never come together after and say that they need to moderate their positions.

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