Congratulations feminists … you got what you wanted

During the course of human history, the male of the human species has usually displayed the majority of the anti-social behavior. But you women have finally caught up to us. A victory for equality!

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Conservatives and Corporations

Capitalism without moral and ethical boundaries is not conservative!

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The Left’s obsession with race

Liberals are obsessed with race because it allows them to destroy any constraints on themselves

Is there a war on whites?

Multiculturalism, in its completed stage, is nothing short of hell on earth.

United States of America: The world’s dumping ground

But don’t worry. The doctors on the television say that it’s perfectly safe for these people to come here and that there is no chance of the virus getting out into the general population.

Why was Malaysia MH17 flying over a war zone?

Malaysia MH17 flying directly over a war zone where both sides probably have the capacity to down an airliner flying at 35,000 feet is like somebody taking a hot-air balloon ride over Gaza.

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America, it was good to know you

So what’s next for America after the almost inevitable collapse?

That can’t happen here!

America is so special and magical that it can actually transform savages into pleasant law-abiding citizens who love baseball, apple pie and old glory. All these people have to do is set foot within our borders and there will be an instant transformation.