Don’t fear, help is on the way. Scott Brown is running for senate – again!

We all remember when G.W. Bush was in the white house and he had both houses of congress for 6 years. Remember how much the GOP got done?

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Ukraine crisis – choose a side?

That’s no to say that I don’t occasionally feel a sense of giddiness when Putin makes BHO look like a fool, after all, I’m only human.

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Paul Ryan: Another symptom of the terminal disease

A couple of years ago I would have agreed with anyone who told me that Paul Ryan was a solid conservative with a good future ahead of him. Today I’ll tell you that Paul Ryan exemplifies the worst of the worst in regards to our fake two-party system.

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Are you an outlaw?

I don’t know who this woman is – but she rocks!

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Bully politicians and bureaucrats laugh while they make our lives miserable

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve about had it with government bullies running roughshod over citizens while laughing and enjoying the pay, power, perks and benefits that only government workers seem to enjoy in modern day America.

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Government chooses illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans

If Americans don’t already know where they stand in the eyes of our despicable government, there shouldn’t be any doubt now.

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The TSA and the Marketplace Fairness Act

Is there any aspect of our lives that these lying fraudsters don’t want to stick their big noses in?

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Was Obamacare designed to fail?

Are all of these Ivy League graduates really that dumb?

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