Ferguson lies beginning to surface

So far, everything the race pimps and trouble makers in Ferguson have said about the shooting of Michael Brown is looking like one big lie.

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Rick Perry indictment: how far up does it go?

does anyone discount the possibility that the Rick Perry indictment was initiated and/or was encouraged by forces way higher than the disgusting drunken democrat biatch?

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Is there a war on whites?

Multiculturalism, in its completed stage, is nothing short of hell on earth.

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What is Putin’s motive?

What was Putin’s motive for shooting a Malaysian airline out of the sky?

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Downed Malaysian airliner – The Russians did it! Of course!!

What a better world we would have if it were not for the fact that most people are so gullible and easily molded. But that’s the huge glitch in human nature that the powerful have learned very well to exploit. Reality can be hard. Thinking can be hard. It’s far easier to blindly accept that which makes one feel good.

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Boehner creates select committee to investigate Benghazi – hardy-har-har!

The GOP, as it stands today, will not do a damn thing about Benghazi, Obamacare, illegal immigration, IRS harassment, NSA spying, tax reform or energy independence.

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Don’t fear, help is on the way. Scott Brown is running for senate – again!

We all remember when G.W. Bush was in the white house and he had both houses of congress for 6 years. Remember how much the GOP got done?

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Ukraine crisis – choose a side?

That’s no to say that I don’t occasionally feel a sense of giddiness when Putin makes BHO look like a fool, after all, I’m only human.

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