Just Say No!

our country would be so much better off if more people just said NO more often. NO – to the establishment. NO – to our elected officials. NO – to our government!

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Maleness and School Shootings

How can we expect boys to grow up normally when all they hear from school staff, from the media, and from pop-culture, is how they will grow up to be the main reason for all the world’s problems?

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Another idiotic comment from the mouth of Harry Reid

The imbecile known as Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is at it once again. Yesterday he embarrassed himself and the dummies from the state of Nevada who voted for him by stating with a straight face that unemployment leads men to abuse their spouses.   If the same Harry Reid were a Republican he would [...]

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Posted by admin · February 23, 2010 · Category: Male bashing · Comments (1)

What Else Does The Box Say?

Men are sloppy, useless, lazy, cowardly, dishonest, and dumb! No, this isn’t a conversation between Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg from an episode of the View, nor is it a course description of Harvard University’s Woman’s Studies curriculum.   It’s just your average commercial on TV!   Just about any product from Cereal to Cell [...]

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Posted by admin · February 9, 2009 · Category: Male bashing · Comments (7)