Chris Christie looks out for Chris Christie

Who can blame Chris Christie for believing he’s the center of his own universe? He definitely has enough mass to keep at least a couple of moons in his gravitational orbit.

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Stephen Colbert:Typical liberal hypocrite

Colbert never lost a second of sleep worrying about how Ann Romney felt while her husband was mercilessly attacked by Democrats, or, how the Palin family felt when his fellow brainless left-wing comedian, David Letterman, joked about Palin’s underage daughter being “knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee dugout.

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NFL thug Ray Lewis: beloved by small children and corporations alike!

Roger Goodell, you are a dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly POS!!

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Republican strategists blaming talk-radio and Rush Limbaugh for Romney defeat

What happened is that Mitt Romney turned out to be too conservative for the very establishment that was pushing him.

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Rush Limbaugh hits it on the head!

He made the point that when Democrats lose elections they never come together after and say that they need to moderate their positions.

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Gov. Jindal has a problem with recent Romney comments

Mitt Romney was 100% correct in his 47% comment, just as he is in regards to his recent comments.

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The Obama reelection: whose fault is it?

But media aside, it’s still the people’s fault – the STUPID PEOPLE!

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The supposed Obama “late push”

The only push I see is the media trying to push BHO over the finish line ahead of Romney.

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