Things I like about Trump…

Things I like about Trump…

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Congratulations feminists … you got what you wanted

During the course of human history, the male of the human species has usually displayed the majority of the anti-social behavior. But you women have finally caught up to us. A victory for equality!

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Baltimore Riots: Assessing Blame

How long can we make excuses for this substantial subset of the black community that allows itself to be used as bullets for the guns of totalitarianism?

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Conservatives and Corporations

Capitalism without moral and ethical boundaries is not conservative!

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America Needs to Demand Reciprocity

We have truly become suckers and are being treated as such by most of the world

Ferguson lies beginning to surface

So far, everything the race pimps and trouble makers in Ferguson have said about the shooting of Michael Brown is looking like one big lie.

Rick Perry indictment: how far up does it go?

does anyone discount the possibility that the Rick Perry indictment was initiated and/or was encouraged by forces way higher than the disgusting drunken democrat biatch?

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Blacks and whites can both agree…

The only time I want to see tanks, humvees and other military hardware on American soil is if a foreign invader landed on our soil.

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