MSM finally reporting on the Knockout Game…But…

After completely ignoring the violent phenomenon for about two years, the MSM has finally started reporting on the Knockout Game.
However, there’s just one little problem.

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Black Mob attacks in Brooklyn

The Marxist social engineers made sure no neighborhood would escape the misery they created.

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Natasha Martinez – was “just trying to get home”

As Trayvon Martin supposedly was, Ms. Martinez was “just trying to get home.”

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Perv York City

But as long as their spouses forgive them, what right do people like me have to judge?

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Bracing for the Zimmerman verdict

There’s no question that since BHO took office the kind of black people who would participate in such things have been greatly emboldened.

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NYC: The inmates are really running the asylum

All the cops would be allowed to describe in identifying a suspect would be their clothes.

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Summer’s here – bullets are flying!

How’s that strict gun control working for you, Nanny Bloomberg?

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Transformed from a brain-dead liberal to a 9/13 Republican

“No matter what field I looked in, no matter where I looked, it was always the same. Invariably, the modern liberal will always side with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, the ugly over the beautiful, the evil over the good – across the board.”

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