Rick Perry indictment: how far up does it go?

does anyone discount the possibility that the Rick Perry indictment was initiated and/or was encouraged by forces way higher than the disgusting drunken democrat biatch?

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Taliban prisoner swap: GOP is all talk and no action

What has the GOP done while BHO has been running roughshod over the constitution and the rule of law for fucking six years – nothing! Al they do is talk!

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Ted Cruz for President: Hypocritical Media and Self-Serving Politicians

Our Constitution is being destroyed right in front of our very eyes. It is systematically being destroyed little by little by simply ignoring it – by letting it die a slow death through neglect.

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Falling onto the NYC subway tracks

The man killed in the recent incident by the vicious animal that pushed him onto the Times Square subway tracks is not to blame for his own death – that animal is – but panic is what ultimately prevented him from surviving.

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When do coincidences cease being coincidences?

I almost have to laugh at many on ‘my side’ who insist on keeping their heads buried in the sand in regards to Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his real name is. They say that Obama is just your typical liberal politician who endorses the typical misguided liberal policies. That’s it – it goes no further than that!

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The Obama video

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are as far removed from Jesus Christ as Michael Moore is to a treadmill.

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Dreams from Obama’s real father

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert discusses his film ‘Dreams from my Real Father’ at the National Press Club. He also takes the corrupt MSM to task for their despicable coverage, or lack thereof, of Barack Obama and his phony background.

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Everyone can now agree – Obama is a big fat liar!

The life of Barack Obama as we know it today is nothing short of a fairy tale

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