BHO – The thrill is gone!

I’m glad Ms. Joseph finally woke up, and I give her mega credit for doing so, as well as credit for admitting that she was naive and that she was wrong. The vast majority of BHO supporters can never admit that they were wrong – that they were bamboozled by the biggest fraud in American history. This tells me that at heart, Ms. Joseph is a good woman, and not dumb at all.

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Obama’s skin color saving him from impeachment

This by no means excuses the cowardice and ineptitude of elected Republicans who cower at the mere thought of being called the R-Word.

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It’s now far easier to cheat the election system than it is a department store

However, it’s not only our elected leaders that display a cavalier attitude towards our electoral process, it’s also many of the legal voting citizens as well. People just shake their heads, say ‘what are you gonna do’, and move on.

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Republican strategists blaming talk-radio and Rush Limbaugh for Romney defeat

What happened is that Mitt Romney turned out to be too conservative for the very establishment that was pushing him.

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You must check out this website!

There’s a website that was created after Election Day intended to highlight and document the election fraud that occurred on November 6th. I don’t really know if anything can be done, most likely not, but this information needs to come out. We can’t let these evil and dangerous people steal our elections right under our [...]

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Was the election stolen?

So the question has to at least be asked – did Obama and his cabal steal the election?

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The supposed Obama “late push”

The only push I see is the media trying to push BHO over the finish line ahead of Romney.

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Bloomberg endorses Obama

You see, while Bloomberg and other super wealthy liberals are smart, super wealthy people like Mitt Romney are idiots, and crooks to boot.

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