Ferguson lies beginning to surface

So far, everything the race pimps and trouble makers in Ferguson have said about the shooting of Michael Brown is looking like one big lie.

BHO – The thrill is gone!

I’m glad Ms. Joseph finally woke up, and I give her mega credit for doing so, as well as credit for admitting that she was naive and that she was wrong. The vast majority of BHO supporters can never admit that they were wrong – that they were bamboozled by the biggest fraud in American history. This tells me that at heart, Ms. Joseph is a good woman, and not dumb at all.

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The farce that is “immigration reform”

Saying we need immigration reform to supposedly stop what’s going on at our border is like saying that we need traffic light reform because too many people are running red lights.

America, it was good to know you

So what’s next for America after the almost inevitable collapse?

That can’t happen here!

America is so special and magical that it can actually transform savages into pleasant law-abiding citizens who love baseball, apple pie and old glory. All these people have to do is set foot within our borders and there will be an instant transformation.

Celebrate Diversity!

The citizens of America better start getting used to this scenario because this is what happens in multicultural societies.

Conspiracies and false flags don’t exist – WRONG!!

I no longer waste time and energy seeking approval from the dumb, close-minded, lazy, cowardly or wicked. Life is too short and freedom is too precious.

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MSM finally reporting on the Knockout Game…But…

After completely ignoring the violent phenomenon for about two years, the MSM has finally started reporting on the Knockout Game.
However, there’s just one little problem.

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