Was Obamacare designed to fail?

Are all of these Ivy League graduates really that dumb?

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Obama’s skin color saving him from impeachment

This by no means excuses the cowardice and ineptitude of elected Republicans who cower at the mere thought of being called the R-Word.

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Republicans surrender – once again!

The fact is that conservatives allowed the demographic shift and allowed the left to take over our institutions without a fight. Now the fight is a hundred times harder, if there is any fight left, or anything left to fight for.

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As usual – it’s all about Obama!

No, asshole…they are casting votes based on the desire of their constituents. That’s what a constitutional republic is!

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Polish illegal alien deported back to Poland – by hospital

the real immigration policy of the United States is simply this: get here and you can stay here – unless you’re a white Christian European, that is.

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Stupid Media: James Gandolfini died as a result of his last meal

He wasn’t living off the government, so he didn’t cost the taxpayer anything, unlike all the morbidly obese people living in subsidized housing collecting medicaid, welfare and food stamps.

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Trey Gowdy makes IRS bureaucrats look stupid

Exactly! It’s not about training manuals – it’s about character!

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One day you may have to justify your existence

The useful idiots who support the kind of government that BHO is currently implementing are too ignorant to understand that they are simply being used to collapse the system – the free market system – capitalism.

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