Hillary kicks off her 2016 campaign

Make no mistake, she is running for president in 2016; and she will get the nomination handed to her on a diamond-studded golden platter.

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About those polls

But what do these polls really mean – if anything?

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Posted by admin · November 5, 2012 · Category: Election 2012,Polls · Comments Off

AP survey:White racism on the rise

The country hasn’t been this racially divided in my lifetime.

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Poll: Romney closing the gender gap

Stupidity is an equal opportunity phenomenon, so I would say that roughly 49% of women are stupid, just as roughly 49% of men are.

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Gallup Poll shows Obama is likable – and people are idiots!

What’s next, a poll showing that people like Joe Biden’s hair better than Romney’s?

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Posted by admin · May 12, 2012 · Category: Polls · Comments (3)