Congratulations feminists … you got what you wanted

During the course of human history, the male of the human species has usually displayed the majority of the anti-social behavior. But you women have finally caught up to us. A victory for equality!

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Merry Christmas

2,013 years after the crucifixion of Jesus, why is it that human beings seem to be more compliant than ever before?

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Falling onto the NYC subway tracks

The man killed in the recent incident by the vicious animal that pushed him onto the Times Square subway tracks is not to blame for his own death – that animal is – but panic is what ultimately prevented him from surviving.

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Clinton, Armstrong, and Obama: three peas in a pod

That would explain the almost scary expression on Obama’s already ugly mug during the entirety of last night’s debate.

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Halloween in New York City – Oh No!

I find it maddening, that these people will not even think about putting out an American flag on July 4th, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, but they have no problem assimilating right into the whole Halloween spirit. Gee, I wonder if it can possibly have anything to do with the concept of getting something for nothing. Can it be that our filthy politicians have managed to turn most immigrants into entitled slobs that believe America is the land of freebies?

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Who is the bigger sleazeball?

One fraud makes his living from frivilous lawsuits and decieving gulible voters – the other fraud makes his living by decieving and exploiting grieving family members.

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Who was the real Abe Lincoln?

If Ronald Reagan was a closet communist and a secret admirer of Karl Marx – I would want to know that. If he liked to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie under his navy blue suit – I could give a damn.

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Playing catch-up

Even though Egypt’s Christians have long been under assault from the Muslim majority, they still seem to believe they are better off with Mubarak than some Muslim Brotherhood backed Mullah. Much of the mainstream media is still portraying the uprising in Egypt as a quest for democracy, but then again this is the same bunch that believes Islam is a religion of peace.

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