Media shows its ignorance on guns – once again!

Note to the idiot reporters and editors of the NY Daily News: Shotguns Don’t Shoot Bullets! Shotguns shoot small metal pellets referred to as shot.

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Posted by admin · January 26, 2014 · Category: Crime,Gun Control,Joe Biden,MSM Lies,Second Amendment,Stupid Liberals · Comments Off

Disturbed woman shot dead by “heroic” Capital Police

When did Americans become such frightened little sheep?

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Navy Yard shooter video released – where are the Sandy Hook videos?

…when are we going to get the “official story” of what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary on that tragic day back on December 14, 2012? I guess they need time to get their story straight.

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CNN and the NY Daily News lied about gun used in Navy Yard killings

As demonstrated by world history, tyrannical leftist governments eventually get around to banning sporting guns (shotguns and rifles) as well.

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Washington Navy Yard shooting – another Major Hassan?

Of course, no matter what the circumstances of this deadly attack turn out to be, there will be new howls for gun control confiscation.

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Summer’s here – bullets are flying!

How’s that strict gun control working for you, Nanny Bloomberg?

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What good are guns without ammo?

The Marxists who run our federal government won’t rest until private citizens are completely disarmed, and as they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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Gun control? – How about visa control?

So where is the media-driven public outrage over the fact that we give out student and other visas like candy, and then just forget about it.

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