Republicans surrender – once again!

The fact is that conservatives allowed the demographic shift and allowed the left to take over our institutions without a fight. Now the fight is a hundred times harder, if there is any fight left, or anything left to fight for.

More uneffing believable promos from MSNBC

Again, just the fact that MSNBC isn’t targeted for a national boycott by outraged Americans tells a sad and scary tale about where we currently are as a nation and where we are ultimately headed.

Welfare = $61,152 per year per household

However, eventually the geese that lay all the golden eggs can’t keep up with the demand for free gold

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Francois Hollande: just another rich socialist

LeBron James, Alex Rodriquez, 50 cent, and George Clooney are the cool and acceptable rich, while corporate officials, managers, and sometimes even small entrepreneurs/business owners, are the evil rich. Go figure!

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France attempting to cure the ills of Socialism with more Socialism!

Trying to reverse the consequences of Socialism with more Socialism is like trying to cure a horrific hangover by downing a fifth of Jack Daniels; you may feel a little better for a short time, but you’ll pay with double the pain later – that’s if you survive!

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