Things I like about Trump…

Things I like about Trump…

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Rand Paul is really starting to annoy me…

We can’t drown trying to save those who refuse to learn to swim.

Conservatives and Corporations

Capitalism without moral and ethical boundaries is not conservative!

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America Needs to Demand Reciprocity

We have truly become suckers and are being treated as such by most of the world

Rick Perry indictment: how far up does it go?

does anyone discount the possibility that the Rick Perry indictment was initiated and/or was encouraged by forces way higher than the disgusting drunken democrat biatch?

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Is there a war on whites?

Multiculturalism, in its completed stage, is nothing short of hell on earth.

United States of America: The world’s dumping ground

But don’t worry. The doctors on the television say that it’s perfectly safe for these people to come here and that there is no chance of the virus getting out into the general population.

Poor Mexicans – nobody likes them!

Even single-celled parasites know that it’s a no-no to kill the host!