Liberals and illegal immigrants

Liberals are like a plague. They spread around the globe until nobody is safe from the disease they carry.

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That can’t happen here!

America is so special and magical that it can actually transform savages into pleasant law-abiding citizens who love baseball, apple pie and old glory. All these people have to do is set foot within our borders and there will be an instant transformation.

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Media shows its ignorance on guns – once again!

Note to the idiot reporters and editors of the NY Daily News: Shotguns Don’t Shoot Bullets! Shotguns shoot small metal pellets referred to as shot.

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Posted by admin · January 26, 2014 · Category: Crime,Gun Control,Joe Biden,MSM Lies,Second Amendment,Stupid Liberals · Comments Off

MSM finally reporting on the Knockout Game…But…

After completely ignoring the violent phenomenon for about two years, the MSM has finally started reporting on the Knockout Game.
However, there’s just one little problem.

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Perv York City

But as long as their spouses forgive them, what right do people like me have to judge?

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Posted by admin · July 24, 2013 · Category: Elections,New York City,Politics,Stupid Liberals,WTF? · Comments Off

We the sheeple

Once again, Mark Dice takes to the boardwalks of California to test just how stupid and ignorant the sheeple have become.

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Posted by admin · July 9, 2013 · Category: New World Order,Obama supporters,Obama's America,Stupid Liberals,WTF? · Comments Off

The “star witness” of the George Zimmerman trial

Ms. Jeantel briefly became the public face, and mouth, of not only our failed education system, but our failing society and culture, as well. The symptom of the disease!

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NYC: The inmates are really running the asylum

All the cops would be allowed to describe in identifying a suspect would be their clothes.

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