Republicans surrender – once again!

The fact is that conservatives allowed the demographic shift and allowed the left to take over our institutions without a fight. Now the fight is a hundred times harder, if there is any fight left, or anything left to fight for.

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Let’s not forget what this man did!

When the Obituary of America is finally written, John Roberts will have had a large role in drafting it.

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Headed towards the point of no return

As Sen. Rand Paul correctly stated after the despicable decision came down: “Obamacare isn’t constitutional just because a couple of people on the Supreme Court say so.”

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Rush hammers Chief Justice Roberts

Regardless of the final outcome of Obamacare, this case will not only serve to further politicize the court, but it will also further erode the trust Americans have for the Judiciary.

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Individual Mandate – NO! Extreme Taxation – Yes!

The good news is that since this is about taxes, a political issue, we can now hold our representatives responsible. We can and should demand of Mr. Romney, Mr. Boehner, and Mr. McConnell that this law be repealed – or else!

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Elena Kagan hearings: Same ole, same ole

Elena Kagan is a left-winger who was appointed by a President who is most likely a Marxist. When she finally puts on her black robe, she will judge the cases before her through the prism of her left-wing ideology regardless of what she’s now saying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Scott Brown continues to disappoint

When Scott Brown began reading his prepared statement I was sort of surprised at how inarticulate he sounded. He stammered, stumbled, and fumbled his way through his written remarks; he sounded like Barack Obama without his teleprompter. I couldn’t help but think that he was pretty disappointing to the many Republicans who are still infected with Scott Brown fever. My infection subsided about a week to ten days after he was elected. I know, I know, he’s still one hundred times better than Ted Kennedy, but then again who isn’t?

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Elena Kagan: Identity politics drives Obama's latest Supreme court nomination

The Leftists who currently run wild throughout are nation’s capital and the mainstream media are nothing if they aren’t totally – completely – thoroughly – and absolutely PREDICTABLE!

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