The TSA and the Marketplace Fairness Act

Is there any aspect of our lives that these lying fraudsters don’t want to stick their big noses in?

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Trey Gowdy makes IRS bureaucrats look stupid

Exactly! It’s not about training manuals – it’s about character!

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Ted Cruz calls for Flat Tax and abolishment of IRS

George W. Bush had the presidency and both houses of congress for 5 years and he did nothing to abolish the current tax code.

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Congressman Mike Kelly confronts IRS thuggery

We are long overdue for a flat-tax where everyone pays a percentage of their earnings – everyone! The flat-tax would also render most of the IRS employees obsolete and the agency could realistically be cut by 75%.

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Democrats: Terrorist attacks in Benghazi, a spending problem

For the Democrats every problem in the world is due to lack of funding.

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Obama practicing wishful thinking…or…

Is this simply wishful-thinking coming from BHO, or does he already know something about the attack that nobody else knows?

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See no evil, smoke no evil

I really wish these Statists would just leave people alone to make their own choices and their own mistakes – it’s called living!

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A common sense approach to taxes

JoAnn makes more sense than 95% of the a-holes in Washington.

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