Fox News warns of “Catastrophic Storm”

Truthfully, the only reason I even watch TV news anymore is simply to keep up on the lies and propaganda that the government is spewing. Ninety percent of everything we see on the news, including Fox, is total bullshit designed to achieve a certain response from us.

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Disturbed woman shot dead by “heroic” Capital Police

When did Americans become such frightened little sheep?

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Washington Navy Yard shooting – another Major Hassan?

Of course, no matter what the circumstances of this deadly attack turn out to be, there will be new howls for gun control confiscation.

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McCain and Graham to Obama: Arm the Syrian rebels ASAP

Now our government is ready to give arms to the same people went to war with – WTF?

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John McCain: Sleeping with the enemy

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Muslims are being oppressed by their totalitarian governments!

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Gun control? – How about visa control?

So where is the media-driven public outrage over the fact that we give out student and other visas like candy, and then just forget about it.

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Jeanine Pirro rips mother of Boston bombers’ a new one

The problem is that there are millions more like her (not necessarily Muslims) who come here and then spit in our faces.

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Bob Beckel: Stop Muslim students from entering U.S.

Unlike Beckel, I didn’t say anything about deportation, which come to think of it, isn’t a bad idea.

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