Baltimore Riots: Assessing Blame

How long can we make excuses for this substantial subset of the black community that allows itself to be used as bullets for the guns of totalitarianism?

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Rand Paul is really starting to annoy me…

We can’t drown trying to save those who refuse to learn to swim.

America Needs to Demand Reciprocity

We have truly become suckers and are being treated as such by most of the world

America, it was good to know you

So what’s next for America after the almost inevitable collapse?

Are you an outlaw?

I don’t know who this woman is – but she rocks!

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Ghetto family values

Is it really shocking that “teens” are running around sucker punching old women?

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Government chooses illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans

If Americans don’t already know where they stand in the eyes of our despicable government, there shouldn’t be any doubt now.

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Black Mob attacks in Brooklyn

The Marxist social engineers made sure no neighborhood would escape the misery they created.