Mexico’s immigration laws

It seems we no longer have anyone within our vast government who is interested in protecting the rights and needs of American citizens.

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Paula Deen admits to using the N-Word – fired!

Big mistake – telling the truth.

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Stupid Media: James Gandolfini died as a result of his last meal

He wasn’t living off the government, so he didn’t cost the taxpayer anything, unlike all the morbidly obese people living in subsidized housing collecting medicaid, welfare and food stamps.

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Mark Levin slams amnesty obsessed Republicans

Mark Levin: “The purpose of a nation is to secure society for its citizens, not foreigners who come here illegally.”

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Congressman Mike Kelly confronts IRS thuggery

We are long overdue for a flat-tax where everyone pays a percentage of their earnings – everyone! The flat-tax would also render most of the IRS employees obsolete and the agency could realistically be cut by 75%.

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The See No Evil, Hear No Evil President

Our president, the one with the highest IQ to ever hold the office, doesn’t seem to know about anything that goes on in his corrupt administration.

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Pharaoh Obama

It seems we have our own Pharaoh, and he uses U.S. Marines as his slave boys.

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Obama vs Putin

Say what you like about Putin, but at least he looks after the interests of his own country

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