Pharaoh Obama

It seems we have our own Pharaoh, and he uses U.S. Marines as his slave boys.

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Obama vs Putin

Say what you like about Putin, but at least he looks after the interests of his own country

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Stephen Colbert:Typical liberal hypocrite

Colbert never lost a second of sleep worrying about how Ann Romney felt while her husband was mercilessly attacked by Democrats, or, how the Palin family felt when his fellow brainless left-wing comedian, David Letterman, joked about Palin’s underage daughter being “knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee dugout.

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The New American Police State

These are the kind of cops that would join a government crackdown on U.S. citizens at the drop of a hat.

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Kapooya! Kapooya!

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A common sense approach to taxes

JoAnn makes more sense than 95% of the a-holes in Washington.

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And the nominees for Mother of the Year are…

Once again, it’s not the guns – it’s the culture!

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Cat Killer graduates to attempted murder of a woman

It’s an established fact that violent psychopaths such as serial killers very often start off by brutalizing animals.

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