Paul Ryan: Another symptom of the terminal disease

A couple of years ago I would have agreed with anyone who told me that Paul Ryan was a solid conservative with a good future ahead of him. Today I’ll tell you that Paul Ryan exemplifies the worst of the worst in regards to our fake two-party system.

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This is America???

Is it already too late to regain our past greatness?

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It’s now far easier to cheat the election system than it is a department store

However, it’s not only our elected leaders that display a cavalier attitude towards our electoral process, it’s also many of the legal voting citizens as well. People just shake their heads, say ‘what are you gonna do’, and move on.

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Posted by admin · November 21, 2012 · Category: Elections,Obama Campaign,Obama's America,Politics,Voter Fraud · Comments Off

More on the recent election fraud

The so-called Republican and Conservative talking heads on TV, and even on the radio, will for the most part stay away from this issue just like they hid under the table from Obama’s birth certificate issue.

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Posted by admin · November 14, 2012 · Category: Election 2012,Obama's America,Voter Fraud · Comments Off