Show respect for political class? Gimme a break!

Our nation and western civilization itself is on the brink of extinction and we have to “be civil” towards those that are leading us off the fucking cliff? FUCK THAT!

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Fox News warns of “Catastrophic Storm”

Truthfully, the only reason I even watch TV news anymore is simply to keep up on the lies and propaganda that the government is spewing. Ninety percent of everything we see on the news, including Fox, is total bullshit designed to achieve a certain response from us.

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Posted by admin · February 12, 2014 · Category: Islam,Media Madness,Terrorism,WTF?,Weather · Comments Off

Government chooses illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans

If Americans don’t already know where they stand in the eyes of our despicable government, there shouldn’t be any doubt now.

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Kmart back to school ad

The Cultural Marxists will stop at nothing in destroying our children

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Discrimination against illegal immigrants will be a federal crime!

Where is the right of American citizens to pursue a better life? Where is the bill that wipes their slates clean?

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Perv York City

But as long as their spouses forgive them, what right do people like me have to judge?

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Posted by admin · July 24, 2013 · Category: Elections,New York City,Politics,Stupid Liberals,WTF? · Comments Off

We the sheeple

Once again, Mark Dice takes to the boardwalks of California to test just how stupid and ignorant the sheeple have become.

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Stupid Media: James Gandolfini died as a result of his last meal

He wasn’t living off the government, so he didn’t cost the taxpayer anything, unlike all the morbidly obese people living in subsidized housing collecting medicaid, welfare and food stamps.

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