Liberals and illegal immigrants

Who can disagree with the argument that people (the citizenry) hold much of the responsibility for the government they have as well as for the shape of their country? For instance, Mexicans can’t be totally excused for the horrific shape of their nation, a nation in such shambles that 90% would probably come (sneak in) to the U.S. if given the chance. I’m not picking on Mexico, the same goes for most nations in Central and South America, as well as Africa and most of the Middle East.

The Left (which would love nothing more than the see 100 million + Mexicans flood across our border) loves to use talking points which consist of guilt inducing catchphrases such as “looking for a better life“when arguing for more immigration or for amnesty for illegal immigrants. In fairness, a lot of gutless, big government republicans also use the same talking point. We have to understand that these people don’t have it as good as we do, and that’s not fair! Fairness demands that we open our doors to them. We must all put our white privilege in check and make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible for these innocent people desperately looking for a “better life” for their families. And of course, we must not complain if we have to sacrifice our standard of living and our culture so that all this unfairness can be rectified.

The fact is that in many ways the American liberal is not much different than the illegal immigrants who are flooding into our nation.

What liberals have been doing over the past 3 or 4 decades is as follows: they wreck the city/county/state they live in by voting for left-wing democrats. Then, when the living conditions in said city/county/state become intolerable, they quickly move to the nearest “conservative” city/county/state where the taxes are lower, the economy is better, and where the streets are safer.

Who could blame them? They are simply “looking for a better life” for themselves and their families. Right?

What inevitably happens next is that these dumb-ass liberals begin voting for the same people and policies that ruined the place from which they just fled, eventually bringing about bloated and corrupt government, high taxes, more regulations, higher unemployment, more welfare and more crime. Just as bees make honey, liberals bring about these conditions.

This is exactly what has happened former “red states” like New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. The stupid liberals from New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts began moving to those states in order to flee the high taxes and a declining standard of living in the cesspools they helped to create. Those states are now “purple” at best, and will soon be outright “blue states” where no one but Democrats will ever again pick up those electoral votes.

California was once a conservative/libertarian state before northeastern liberals began migrating there during the late seventies and early eighties. The illegal immigrants who have completely flooded the state over the past ten to fifteen years have simply put the final nail in the coffin of the Golden State. Needless to say, California is now a total economic and social basket case and the most dysfunctional state in the union. And lo and behold, the liberals who voted for all of the shit that made California a nightmare have now begun moving to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Texas. Of course, we all know what happens next.

Liberals are like a plague. They spread around the country (and globe) until nobody is safe from the disease they carry. When they destroy one area, they move on to the next one. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, there will soon be nowhere to run to escape this pandemic.

No doubt about it. The American liberal (Democrat) and the Third World masses who are flooding our nation have much in common. They screw up the places they left, then, bring the same pathologies to their new home. Comparing these people to parasites is unfair because even most parasites don’t want to totally destroy their host, for obvious reasons which seem to escape both liberals and Third World immigrants.

Enough is enough already! While it is true that we can’t deport American liberals (unfortunately) we can put a stop to illegal immigration as well as curtail legal Third World immigration. We can completely seal off our borders and we can enforce our immigration laws. We can do all of these things, but only if a majority of Americans finally wake up and take notice of what has been done to our beloved country and start punishing the people who put us in this desperate situation.

My fantasy is that one day all the illegal immigrants will go back to where they came from, and each one will take at least two American liberals with them. I can dream, can’t I?

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The Left’s obsession with race

Is there anything more obvious than the Left’s insane obsession with race? While they tell us that we should be color blind and that race is nothing more than a social construct, anyone who is not obsessed with race is branded a racist by these people.

I just finished reading an article that completely sums up the Left’s obsession with race, and the reasons for it.

The piece, “Why the left is obsessed with race”, appears on the site

This final paragraph hits the nail on the head better than a union carpenter:

Liberals are obsessed with race because it allows them to destroy any constraints on themselves. They want to destroy the majority, but they also want to destroy minorities. Their goal is a future of people who are so mixed that no culture, values or different abilities remain. In their minds, which seek only control, the result will be like an army of department store mannequins spray-painted brown and obedient to liberal Ideology, which removes all social standards and gives the individual permission to be as dramatic as it pleases. They do not consider the destruction they cause because that is outside of themselves, and since they worship themselves, it is not relevant to their decision.

Hence, the outright yet silent war on the world’s remaining white majority nations – Western Civilization.

This piece is sure to make liberals seethe with indignation and rage, while many who call themselves conservatives will get that uneasy feeling in their gut. The feeling of understanding as truth what they have been taught to feel so uncomfortable about. Deal with it, I say!

  • A world without borders.
  • A world without distinct cultures.
  • A world where everyone is (supposedly) equal.
  • A world where everyone basically looks the same.
  • A hell on earth is what I would call such a world.

    Read entire article HERE. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. If you must, take your laptop into another room, then delete your browsing history and cookies when you’re finished.

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    Is there a war on whites?

    Black Pride

    Brown Pride

    Gay Pride

    Asian Pride

    White Pride

    Which one of these phrases is not like the others? Which one of these phrases can land you in a heap of shit if you happen to be a public employee or an elected official? Which one of these phrases has the potential to get you fired from your job or have your business destroyed?

    The current reality is that the term “white pride” is racist and those who would dare use it will be branded as Nazis, Klansmen and white supremacist.

    Anyone who follows MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has probably heard the name Cain Velasquez. Mr. Velasquez is the current UFC heavyweight champion. Velasquez is your classic anchor baby who was born to illegal Mexican immigrants. That’s not conjecture, that’s a fact!

    If you’ve ever watched Mr. Velasquez fight you may have noticed that he wears a mouthpiece with the colors of the Mexican flag. And he makes a point of flashing it. I’ve been saying for ages that the vast majority of anchor babies will have no allegiance to America. Instead, their allegiance (and pride) will always be with the country of their parents. That’s why in New York it’s very common to hear someone refer to themselves as Mexican, Guatemalan, or Brazilian even though they were born in the good ole USA.  These people also tend to hold on to the language of their law-breaking parents, speaking it in public places even though they attend American schools and are quite capable of speaking English.

    Anyway, not only does Cain Velasquez wear the Mexican flag colored mouthpiece, but he also has a tattoo across the width of his upper chest that reads “BROWN PRIDE.”

    Anything ambiguous about the tattoo?

    Being proud of your Mexican heritage is one thing. Mexico, allegedly, is a nation with its own culture (if you can call corruption a culture), customs and borders. However, “Brown Pride” is obviously a reference to race. Mr. Velasquez is proud to be Hispanic, Latino, or however else they refer to themselves at the moment. Mr. Velasquez is basically saying that his allegiance is with “his people” regardless of what nation they come from. They are all of the same race – Hispanics.

    So what is wrong with that?

    Well, nothing really, if applied equally for all races.

    You see, it may still ok (for the time being) to say you have Irish Pride, Italian Pride, Polish Pride, Danish Pride, etc. But it is totally unacceptable to use the term “White Pride.” White pride is for Neo-Nazi prison gangs and violent skinheads.

    I don’t believe there is anything wrong with having a preference for your own kind. This doesn’t mean you hate everyone else, it just means you like your own better. In fact, even in our multicultural society it is an accepted fact that people prefer their own kind. That’s why Democrats run Hispanic candidates in districts that have large Hispanic populations. The same goes for black candidates in black areas, and Asian candidates in Asian areas.

    Only whites consistently vote for candidates outside of their race.

    So, am I proud to be a white person of European descent, you may wonder. My answer is as follows. I don’t think that it makes much sense to have “pride” in something that you have no control of. It’s like having Tall Pride or Blonde Pride. Therefore, I don’t know if I have “white pride.” I do however have an affinity for my culture, the history and accomplishments of my ancestors, and for my people in general. I do feel more comfortable and at home around my own than I do around people of other races. I know that may make me a horrible person in 2014 America, but I believe it also makes me an honest person. And I totally understand that other races probably feel the same way – no problem.

    Does this mean that I’m a white supremacist? Well, according to popular thinking, it probably does. In reality, it means no such thing.

    Getting back to Cain Velasquez, for a moment. A couple of years ago the president of the UFC, Dana White, defended Velasquez’s choice of the Brown Pride tattoo, albeit in an extremely disingenuous and convoluted way. Or maybe Dana White is just a babbling idiot.

    Dana White:

    “People that have a problem with the ‘Brown Pride’ tattoo are morons. It says ‘Brown Pride.’ Big deal; the guy is proud to be Mexican. I lived in Boston, every Italian was running around with something Italian on their body. Every guy who was Irish had some Irish tattoo on him, and the list goes on and on. It’s ridiculous.”

    No Dana, the tattoo isn’t a symbol of Mexican pride, otherwise it would say “Mexican Pride.” White people in Boston sporting tattoos indicating their Irish or Italian heritage is NOT the same as having tattoos reading White Pride. And you know it!

    Is there any doubt whatsoever that a white MMA fighter with a tattoo that read “White Pride” would never be allowed to fight in the UFC, or any other organization for that matter? I would love to see this fictional fighter try to explain away the tattoo by saying that he was simply proud to be Croatian. Sorry, Mr. White, your bullshit doesn’t even come close to cutting it.

    The historical facts are quite clear. Multicultural societies do not work! One of the reasons is simply because of human nature – because people stick to their own kind. We already have a multicultural and diverse world. But these cultures have their own nations and borders and are spread throughout the globe. For some reason, the Left believes that individual nations, individual white nations, that is, need to become multicultural. Gee, I wonder why.

    Has anyone ever heard a leftist complain that China is too Chinese, or that Japan is too Japanese, or Korea is too Korean, or that Saudi Arabia is too Arab, or that Mexico is too Mexican? Of course not! That’s because multiculturalism is simply a way to destroy white nations which just so happen to be the freest and most prosperous nations in the world. The Left hates freedom. The Left hates that some people do better than others. The Left hates western civilization for those very reasons, and more. Leftists want to control humanity because they know what’s good for us. They are also entitled to live above us because they are morally superior; the rest of us should be happy just living on a level of subsistence – equally poor.

    Is there a war, undeclared as it may be, on whites? You bet there is! Every white nation on the globe is being  overrun  by non-white foreigners. And this is no accident! This is a political strategy put in place decades ago by the Marxists/Communists who took control of our institutions. Now they tell us that if we don’t like the idea of being a minority in our own countries we are horrible, evil people. We are racists!

    I wholeheartedly fucking disagree!

    I don’t like the idea of being a minority in my own land and if immigrants don’t like being minorities they can go back to where they came from and be in the majority again. The only people in the U.S. who really have no choice than to be a minority are American Indians because they are the aboriginal people, and African Americans whose ancestors were brought here as slaves. Pretty much all other racial minorities are minorities because they chose to come here. Yes, white Christian Europeans displaced the American Indians and then settled and built this nation. This nation’s laws (constitution) are based on white European Christian/Western culture. Like it or not, those are facts!

    My grandparents and parents came to America because it was predominantly a white Christian nation. They didn’t choose to immigrate to Iran or Columbia because those nations did not hold their culture and values.  My family did not come here to change or to take over America. We came here to be part of America. We made no demands to be accepted, instead, we had to prove that we were worthy of belonging. We made no demands a far as language. We didn’t proudly display the flag of our native land on our rear view mirrors or windows. We didn’t want to change America into the country we left for her. Anyone who doesn’t see the difference between European immigration of the past and the immigration we have now is either stupid or a liar.

    Multiculturalism, in its completed stage, is nothing short of hell on earth. The people who are part of the biggest and most vicious mob will run roughshod over everyone else. There are no equal rights in a multicultural society – only special rights. There is no rule of law in a multicultural society because laws are based on culture. That’s why many multicultural societies wind up with dictators who “make sure” people get along, or else.

    This is where we are headed.

    The irony is that eventually the people who are pushing this Marxist, One-World agenda will also get swallowed up and spit out by it. So, why do they pursue this disastrous course? My only answer is that at their core these people have broken or corrupted souls. They were either born evil, or have become evil people. And evil loves nothing more than to destroy good. Ugliness loves nothing more than to destroy beauty. Failure loves nothing more than to destroy success. These are the natural laws of the universe – the extreme of the Ying and the Yang, if you will.

    It is my belief that all cultures and peoples are entitled to their own piece of land and their own self-determination. Americans are losing the power to determine their own destiny. That power is being displaced by all the competing cultures that are flooding this once-great nation. Not to mention the traitorous and corrupt politicians who are enabling this just so they can stay in office a little while longer. If there is such a place, there’s a special place in Hell for these scumbags.

    The next few years to a decade will decide the fate of America, and thus, the fate of the entire world, I believe. It’s our choice. It’s either a land of freedom and opportunity, or an impoverished, balkanized perpetual war zone. Which do you want for your children and grandchildren?

    P.S. I know that many of my fellow so-called conservatives will shrink their eyes at this post. This kind of talk makes them extremely uncomfortable because they have been beat down to a point where words scare them more than death itself. This is one of the reasons I disconnected myself from the conservative blogosphere. I have no links to anyone so others don’t have to be afraid of guilt by association. Unfortunately, many conservatives still believe that all our problems can be solved at the voting booth – a very naive assertion, I believe.

    It’s the culture, stupid!

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    United States of America: The world’s dumping ground

    Ever get the feeling that our nation has become a dumping ground for the entire world? If you do, don’t worry, it means that you are awake, as opposed to the majority of the population.

    Now the sick bastards who run this country, and the world, are bringing people with the Ebola virus into our ever-disappearing borders. Yeah, right, some of those people are Americans who foolishly went to Africa and deserve to be let back in. I say bullshit to that! These people have no right to put the rest of us in danger. We didn’t choose to go to Africa in order to make ourselves feel good. You went to that God Forsaken continent – you deal with the consequences!

    But that’s not to say that only American citizens with Ebola will be allowed into our borders. It’s just a matter of time before the illegal squatter in the White House opens up the floodgates to all Third Worlders suffering from Ebola. It’s the humanitarian thing to do. And as well all know by now, America is responsible to take care of everyone, whether it’s so-called children from Mexico and Central America, or Africans suffering from Ebola contamination.

    But don’t worry. The doctors on the television say that it’s perfectly safe for these people to come here and that there is no chance of the virus getting out into the general population.

    And of course, we owe it to Africa because a small percentage of our ancestors (not mine) purchased slaves from that great continent and brought them over here. Never mind that the decedents of those slaves now live the lives of Kings in comparison to their brethren in the homeland.

    Not justifying slavery, just stating a hard, cold fact. Deal with it!

    Anyway, who can argue that America isn’t the official dumping ground for entire world.

    Have a diseased population? Don’t worry, we’ll take them in!

    Have an impoverished, ignorant and criminal population? Don’t worry, send them over!

    Have young adults who want to go to college? Don’t worry, send them to the States. Americans can’t afford to go to college anymore so there is plenty of classroom space.

    Have a population ravaged by war or civil unrest, (even if said war was started by us) by all means give us your refugees. We’ll be glad to take them. We’ll just raise taxes on the middle class a bit more, and voilà , there’s plenty of resources to care of the whole world – no problem!

    Don’t worry, if the good ole US of A can’t take these people in, the small nations of Western Europe will be glad to do so. Notice that all the western nations with white majorities (quickly dwindling white majorities) are the ones expected required to take in refugees from all over the planet. But hey, we shouldn’t complain because diversity is great for us. Diversity is our strength! Not!!! I want to heave every time I hear that evil Marxist lie spewed forth.

    If you get the feeling that I’m a bit pissed off and disillusioned about our future, you’re very perceptive. I’m about as mad and fed-up as I’ve ever been. And if you value our society, our culture, our freedoms, and everything else that has made Western Civilization great, you should be too.

    Enough is enough already. We need to stop taking people into this country. Not only do we need to stop illegal immigration in its tracks and deport all illegals back to where they came from, but I believe it’s also time to put a moratorium on legal immigration as well.  This nation needs a lot of fixing up and we (American citizens) should have time to sort things out without any foreign influences mucking up the water. Americans need jobs. We don’t need to import foreigners! Sorry Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the rest of you fucking traitorous bastards.

    I’ve said enough. I need a glass of wine.

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    Fox News shilling for Big Pharma – as usual

    I just watched a small segment of Fox News where they had a doctor who was speaking about the reemergence of ‘whopping cough’ in the United States. This doctor (paid shill) proceeded to blame this on the fact that more people are skeptical, if not outright frightened, by vaccines. Furthermore, he stated that vaccines are falsely blamed for autism. Of course, he didn’t refer to any specific study that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines don’t cause or increase the chances of autism.

    (No, the increase in whooping cough has nothing to do with all the illegal immigrants/invaders flooding our country. That couldn’t be a factor! Then again, Fox News is also a shill for the amnesty lobby, but that’s for another post.)

    No proof needed! When doctors and pharmaceutical companies speak, we just need to listen and trust them.

    This doctor did however seem to leave himself a little wiggle room when he stated that “autism is most likely caused by something else. Most likely? Well now, that’s really scientific, isn’t it?

    The fact of the matter is that infants and children are pumped full of vaccines which were never really tested in long-term clinical trials to see if they are safe. In all fairness, however, what person would allow their child to be used as a guinea pig in such trials? The joke on these people is that their kids are already being used as guinea pigs, they just aren’t being told about it.

    The general belief that vaccines are safe has no real scientific data to back it up. What you get is simply the word of the pharmaceutical companies and their medical establishment and media shills.

    Vaccines are huge money makers for Big Pharma. Big Pharma makes media lots of money via their non-stop “ask your doctor if ——- is right for you” advertising. In simpler terms that even Obama voters can understand, the MSM is bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

    It’s also fair to point out that pharmaceutical industry support isn’t split up on political lines. The industry typically has both liberal and conservative support across the board. Liberals/Democrats love drugs but they hate the big corporations who produce them. Conservatives/Republicans love drugs a little less than the Democrats, but they really love the pharmaceutical companies. A misplaced and blind belief in what they see as “free market capitalism,” I guess.

    Quite the contrary, Big Pharma is part of the system now known as crony capitalism. They have been picked as “winners” by the powers that be. The FDA is but a rubber stamp for these multinational companies. Politicians from both sides of the aisle need their contributions and government needs the tax revenue they produce via the vast amount of people they employ, directly or indirectly. As I have often stated, citizens have become nothing more than the Duracell Battery that keeps the system going. You are nothing but a unit of economic potential to be fully exploited until you are too old to produce, at which time you are discarded like a piece of trash.

    Just wait until the real full-fledged Obamacare kicks in!

    As for my fellow conservatives who will, once again, accuse me of being a traitor and of turning into a liberal or a conspiracy kook. I say that my principles are still conservative, but I don’t believe those principles include the worship of the almighty dollar at all costs. Furthermore, I don’t believe that conservative values require us to shut up and not ask uncomfortable questions in regards to established thought and belief systems. Those conservatives who still believe that we have a free market system need to wake up and smell the coffee. What we have today is far closer to Fascism than Capitalism. And just because this fact makes you uncomfortable or scares you, doesn’t make it untrue.

    P.S. Just wait and see what happens in a few short years when the number of vaccines that children will be mandated to take will double, at least. And just wait until more and more vaccines are pushed on adults with stipulations for employment and health insurance. Just wait until some poisonous HIV vaccine is mandated for every living human being. Will you be comfortable in taking such a vaccine?  This is what’s right around the corner if people don’t wake the fuck up and take back their power and freedom.

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    Why was Malaysia MH17 flying over a war zone?

    Although I have seen the question breached in online articles, I noticed that the MSM, which now includes Fox News, hasn’t asked a very pertinent question in regards to Malaysia Airlines MH17. The question being what was the airliner doing flying over a war zone. Who, if anyone, directed the plane to take that flight path? Out of the thousands of flights going through and around that region, why did only flight MH17 veer into that deadly airspace?

    Am I surprised that these questions aren’t being asked by the MSM? Of course not! The MSM simply regurgitates “official stories” given to them from government “officials.” There is no journalistic curiosity to check out different angles and ask questions. Journalism, for the most part, is dead. It has been dead for quite some time now, although most of the population doesn’t realize it.

    I know this makes most Americans extremely uncomfortable (including conservatives), but our news is now mostly comprised of state sponsored propaganda.

    News stories (not talking about a feel-good piece of a three-legged puppy being rescued) are pretty much put forth and constructed in ways to get a certain reaction from the populace. Sometimes the “story” is a sort of a test to see just how far people can be led – just how gullible and stupid they are.

    News stories on important issues are mostly framed for the short attention span crowd, which is now the majority of Americans. The media puts forth information that quickly satisfies the intellectual lazy, non-curious consumer, and then lets them get back to Facebook, sports, reality TV, and all the other self-distractions they participate in.

    Putin is a bad guy, therefore, Putin had flight MH17 shot down. Now who’s pitching for the Yankees tonight?

    Malaysia MH17 flying directly over a war zone where both sides probably have the capacity to down an airliner flying at 35,000 feet is like somebody taking a hot-air balloon ride over Gaza. Why? Why isn’t anyone from the major media asking, why?

    According to the MSM, the fact is that the plane was shot down, and our enemy, Putin, is responsible. That’s all the public needs to know. Unfortunately, that’s about all most of the public wants to know.

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    Posted by admin · July 22, 2014 · Category: Evil,MSM Lies,Neocons,New World Order,Obama's America,Social Engineering,Stupid People · Comments Off on Why was Malaysia MH17 flying over a war zone?

    What is Putin’s motive?

    Both the liberal and conservative media have already made up their minds that Russia (Putin) is responsible for downing Malaysia MH17. Today I briefly tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show where Mark Steyn was hosting. Steyn was on the warpath against BHO for being “weak” towards Russia in light of the “fact” that they were responsible for the downing of the Malaysian airline. Steyn claimed that this incident had “Putin’s fingerprints all over it.”

    How did Steyn come to that conclusion barely 24 hours after the incident took place?

    What was Putin’s motive for shooting a Malaysian airline out of the sky? Was it to turn the world against him more than it already is? Was it to acquire more economic sanctions from the West? Was it because he doesn’t like Malaysian people? There are plenty of accusations with very little proof, as of yet.

    Steyn, and others, have said that the Pro-Russian rebels fighting against the Ukrainian government don’t have the technological capacity (hardware) to shoot an airliner out of the sky. Therefore it must have been the Russians themselves (Putin), or Putin must have given them the equipment and told them to down the plane.

    There is only one problem with that theory. That is the simple fact that the West, which is backing the Ukrainians in every way possible, also has the hardware to do such a job. But according to Steyn and his ilk, only Russia is capable of perpetrating such an atrocity. The West, led by BHO, would never harm civilians for political purposes – no way! BHO is bad – but he’s not that bad! The West doesn’t kill innocent people. Only Russians and Muslims murder innocent people.

    Again, what is Putin’s motive for such an act? If anything, the Ukrainians (and the West) had more of a motive to bring the plane down.

    I know, I know, I’m unpatriotic and I’m Pro-Russian. Oh yeah, I’m also anti-freedom and probably a communist because we’re back to the Cold War days, again.

    Bring forth the proof that Putin was responsible for the attack. If and when such proof comes, I will write a post condemning Mr. Putin for this barbaric act. Until then, I choose to use reason instead of knee-jerk emotion. And, as usual, I refuse to be led by the nose by a corrupt government and media. I’ll make up my own mind, thank you!

    P.S. The last time we took our government’s word without any verification whatsoever – weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – we got a decade long war costing thousands of young American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, not to mention billions, if not trillions, of dollars. For what? Iraq is now at the brink of civil war and in danger of falling to fundamentalists who make Saddam Hussein look like Gandhi. No more manufactured wars for the sake of enriching the military industrial complex and enslaving our own citizens under the guise of security. That’s what I say!

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    Downed Malaysian airliner – The Russians did it! Of course!!

    Immediately after the Malaysian airline went down over the Ukraine, the U.S. government and it’s media propaganda machine blamed the Russians. Talk about quick intelligence. Where was this intelligence while 9/11 was being hatched?

    The propaganda machine has been focused on Putin and Russia ever since the “crisis” in Ukraine started. A crisis that was started and funded by the West. A crisis that saw the supposed Ukrainian “freedom fighters” shoot their own demonstrators in order to blame it on the pro-Russian Ukrainians.

    Of course, the majority of the American Sheeple easily swallowed the anti-Putin, anti-Russia propaganda without even blinking. Many probably never even heard of the Ukraine or knew about its complex history. But who needs to know anything when you have the government and media telling you what to think.

    Just relax. Get back to your ballgames, reality TV and Facebook. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

    What really kills me is just how quick Republicans have jumped on the anti-Russian bandwagon. They supposedly mistrust BHO and his administration on virtually everything, but for some mysterious reason they believe him and back him nearly 100% when it comes to the Ukraine.

    But then again, it MUST be the Russians and their evil leader who are behind the downing of this plane. It couldn’t possibly be the Ukrainians with the help of western intelligence who shot it down in order to pin it on Russia and ramp up the war drums. No, that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory. Our government, as well as the British and Israelis don’t do those types of things. We don’t kill innocent people in order to further our domestic and geopolitical agendas. That’s crazy Alex Jones nonsense!

    This obvious and sophomoric ploy was most recently used by the so-called “Syrian rebels” who gassed Syrian civilians, some of them children, in order to blame it on the Assad regime. The proof was so overwhelming that the BHO administration and MSM quickly stopped talking about the gas attack. Not to mention that a high official in the Turkish government was caught red-handed on tape suggesting a false flag attack on Turkish citizens for the purposes of getting involved in the Syria conflict.

    Again, these things don’t happen. They exist only in the twisted minds of conspiracy kooks.

    The fact is that false-flag operations have been used for decades in order to shape public opinion and to draw nations into war. Israel, in particular, is an expert at using these tactics. Yeah, I know. I’m an anti Semite now. But moving right along…

    It’s quite telling when you read about polls that show Americans typically mistrust their government. In my humble opinion, that’s a healthy thing. But what those polls don’t seem to illustrate is that when it comes to anything to do with military action or war, then the American people seem to trust the government a lot more. I can only guess that it must be decades of programming people to see their country in the same way they see their favorite hometown sports team.

    Gotta root for our side! Our side is angelic and pure in its motives. The other side is evil!

    What a better world we would have if it were not for the fact that most people are so gullible and easily molded. But that’s  the huge glitch in human nature that the powerful have learned very well to exploit. Reality can be hard. Thinking can be hard. It’s far easier to blindly accept that which makes one feel good.

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    Posted by admin · July 18, 2014 · Category: MSM Lies,Neocons,New World Order,Obama's America,Politics,Stupid People · Comments Off on Downed Malaysian airliner – The Russians did it! Of course!!