Tell us something we don’t know

There’s a piece over at WND titled ‘STING! CORRUPT POLITICIANS ALL BLACK DEMOCRATS.’ It deals with Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Kathleen Kane, who shut down a corruption investigation because he realized that all the alleged perps were…surprise, surprise…BLACK DEMOCRATS.

Anyone who doesn’t practice self-censorship and/or have their head up his/her respective ass, shouldn’t be at all surprised. Corruption and black democrat elected officials seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Of course, there are many honest black Americans who play by the rules, but far too many black democrat public officials seem to believe that getting elected or appointed to high office makes them above the law.

This disgraceful AG should immediately be booted out of office! What happened to justice being blind? Since the election, if you can call it that, of BHO justice seems to be color-coated. In fact, the Holder-led DOJ simply refuses to prosecute black on white hate crimes. So far, the only person federally charged in the violent and racist ‘knockout game’ has been a white guy. Never mind the hundreds of whites who have been victims of the sick game. A few white (and Asian) victims even died!

It’s just “kids” or “teens” or “youths” clowning around. It’s just their way of blowing off steam because there aren’t enough publicly funded activities for them to partake in. Whatever happened to midnight basketball? Speaking of midnight basketball, can anyone imagine the shit storm that would ensue if a white republican suggested midnight basketball as a way to keep black youths from committing crimes? But if you have a big D next to your name, it’s a great idea!

Anyway, I’m so sick and tired of political correctness and the sickening double standards that go along with it. I’m sick and tired of kowtowing to groups based on the pigmentation of their skin. The War on Poverty has cost trillions of dollars, but the people it’s supposed to help are becoming poorer, dumber, lazier, more entitled, and yes, more violent.

When will a majority of Americans stand up and proclaim that they are not going to take it anymore? When, oh, when?

See WND piece HERE.

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Don’t fear, help is on the way. Scott Brown is running for senate – again!

Don’t worry Americans, help is on the way. Soon our debt problem will be a thing of the past. Soon our unemployment rate will be cut in half, if not by 100%. Soon our borders will be secured. Soon the NSA and IRS will be out of our business. And, soon Obamacare will be repealed, once and for all.

That’s right folks, Scott Brown, the one-time savior of the GOP who managed to hold on to his senate seat for all of two years is now running for Senate in his new hometown of New Hampshire. Isn’t this how New Hampshire went from a red state to a blue state, by people like Brown coming across from Massachusetts and bringing their socialism and cultural Marxism with them? But I digress.

I read an article describing how ecstatic the GOP is about Brown’s race and how they believe that he may be the one to put them over the top in recapturing the senate. As we all know, when the GOP has control of both houses of congress, a lot of things get done.

We all remember when G.W. Bush was in the white house and he had both houses of congress for 6 years. Remember how much the GOP got done?

  • Remember how they secured the borders?
  • Remember how they renewed domestic energy exploration and drilling?
  • Remember how they reigned in the IRS and passed tax reform that simplified our tax system?
  • Remember how they passed financial reforms and repealed Sarbanes-Oxley?
  • Remember how they reformed public education by passing No Child Left Behind?
  • Remember how they reigned in spending by adding Medicare Part D to the already broke Medicare system?
  • Remember how they stopped the NSA from spying on innocent Americans?
  • Remember how they gave us the DHS and the TSA to keep us all so safe?

You gotta admit, the GOP controlled government did so much between 2001 and 2007 to reform our government using conservative, free-market, liberty-based principles.

I know…Iknow…they were busy fighting two wars as well as the larger global war on terror. They were busy keeping us safe from OBL and his henchmen. There was simply no time to do anything else.

But wait, there are more excuses! When the Dumbocrats captured both the Senate and House in 2006, because the American public was so happy with the GOP, they then forced G.W. to do things he really didn’t want to do. For instance: like bail out “too big to fail” financial institutions and auto makers. The democrat controlled congress also forced good ole G.W. to pass a stimulus package that did wonders for the average American, not to mention for future generations who will be enslaved by massive debt. That’s right, if only the dumb American people wouldn’t have thrown out the GOP congress, G.W. wouldn’t have been forced to do those unpleasant things just before leaving office.

In all fairness, I’m sure that if the GOP does win back the senate and control both houses of congress, they will also force BHO to do things he really doesn’t want to do.

So let’s give the GOP yet another chance this coming fall. Let’s also give Scott Brown another chance and maybe this time he won’t start siding with the liberal democrats until his second month in office. Yeah, the GOP really deserves our support because they have so many bold plans on the table for fixing the economy, reforming the tax code, and securing our borders. And who can’t possibly be chomping at the bit in anticipation of John McCain or Lindsey Graham becoming the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee? After all, there are a lot more world conflicts and foreign civil wars to intercede in – and/or to start.

Yeah, that’s right. Scott Brown is going to save the GOP again, and the GOP with its boldness and vision is going to save America.

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Ukraine crisis – choose a side?

The MSM in cooperation with our federal government continues to push the narrative that the uprising in Ukraine was a spontaneous and organic grass roots phenomenon. They ramp up the propaganda against Vladimir Putin using emotional gibberish instead of hard facts.

What else can be expected from the MSM – and not just our MSM, but the global MSM as well?

Let’s face it, regardless of the natural temptation to root for Vladimir Putin simply because he is in opposition to other evil pricks does not make him an angel. However, the MSM’s version of why Putin is a bad guy centers on phony side issues like the stupid Pussy Riot propaganda that has no basis in reality in regards to the supposed anti-homosexual legislation passed by Putin. It’s a giant red herring based on the current western trendiness of gay rights.

Putin is a bad guy for the same reason that the pricks who run our government are. He has no respect for the average person and their liberties. While it’s fun to root against the corrupt European Union, Putin is busy trying to create his own Eurasian Union where he and his cronies can enslave and pick the bones of the naive and desperate nations that would agree to be part of such a union.

Same shit different continent.

That’s no to say that I don’t occasionally feel a sense of giddiness when Putin makes BHO look like a fool, after all, I’m only human. And God forbid that the supposed opposition party in this country would smack him down once in a blue moon. Silly me… as if there really were opposing political parties instead of one big organized crime family.

The opinion of most Americans in regards the Ukrainian crisis is based upon the simplistic notion that Putin and Russia are bad and we (America) are good. The majority of people in this country would probably find it difficult to point out the Ukraine on a map, much less understand the complex history of the nation. Instead, opinions are based on a sports team mentality pushed by the propaganda agents in the MSM that says we have to root for OUR TEAM at all costs. This same mentality says that If you are against the Patriot Act and the TSA, then you must be on the side of Muslim terrorists and against the United States. This mentality was at work in the aftermath of the alleged Boston Marathon terror attack. A militarized police force which had just imposed illegal martial law on Watertown, Massachusetts and violated the fourth amendment rights of innocent citizens, all for the supposed search for a 19-year-old punk, was cheered in the streets with chants of USA, USA,USA, after the dangerous terrorist was finally captured – no thanks to them, by the way.

Gotta support the team or you’re not a team player – not a patriot!

We have to wake up and stop being manipulated into seeing events through the prism of rooting for our hometown professional sports teams. We don’t always have to blindly support “the team” at all costs. We don’t have to give our support to one side or another – that’s a false choice. We don’t have to, nor should we, choose between the lesser of two evils.

I’m not smart enough to fully understand what is really going on in the Ukraine, but I am smart enough to know that what the US government, the EU, the Russian government and the global MSM are telling us is TOTAL BULLSHIT. In a world where the top priority for all governments seems to be the hiding of truth from the populace and preventing access to real information, this is not a difficult conclusion to make.

P.S. The below video is a fitting description of how the global powers see the crisis in Ukraine – it’s just a sick game to them!

YouTube Preview Image

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Show respect for political class? Gimme a break!

The sheeple that comprise a large number of the American populace have been brainwashed into thinking, if you can call it that, that political leaders are entitled to our respect, and even our total submission. I say bullshit to that! Anyone who can play the system and get enough votes from a typically dumbed-down citizenry can hold elected office. Besides some age requirements, supposed resident requirements, and in some cases, natural born citizen requirements – hardy-har-har- anyone is eligible to hold office. Convicted felons, rapists, child molesters and drug dealers can, in theory, hold the highest office in the land. Try getting even a minimum wage job if you are an ex-felon. You can’t work at Wendy’s but you can be a U.S. senator, congressman, and even POTUS. What a fucking joke!

Christopher Green of AMTV hits it right on the head with this video about showing “respect” for our ruling political class. Ted Nugent, just like any other citizen, has a right to his opinion – and a right to speak his mind – and a right to use the words he chooses to. If Rand Paul, or any other politician, doesn’t like it they can move to Saudi Arabia or Iran and run for office there.

YouTube Preview Image

Our nation and western civilization itself is on the brink of extinction and we have to “be civil” towards those that are leading us off the fucking cliff? FUCK THAT!

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Neocons pushing for U.S. intervention in Ukraine

Frank Gaffney, a Reagan-era neocon and the founder of the neocon organization, Center for Security Policy, is urging the administration to “take sides” in the current crisis in Ukraine.

See WND piece HERE.

First of all, it would be pretty naive to believe that American agencies with three-lettered titles aren’t already involved in the near civil war, as they have been in most foreign civil wars throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

I, regrettably, was once a supporter of the neocons early in the Bush administration. I, like millions of Americans, was suckered into this support via the still questionable events of September 11th 2001. I, however, have woken up to the bullshit and refuse to open-endedly support intervention in foreign lands.

The crisis in Ukraine is the business of the people of Ukraine – it’s as simple as that! However, neocons can’t justify their existence, fund their think tanks, and make money via the military industrial complex without sticking their noses in the affairs of foreign nations. Like a nasty drunk, they are always looking for a fight.

From the WND article:

Former Reagan administration Pentagon official Frank Gaffney told Radio America the people have very good reasons to be in the streets.

“There’s obvious frustration on the part of the people of Ukraine with their government, with the policies it’s been pursuing, particularly to the degree to which it is acceding to what can only be described as domination by Russia. I think there’s also a growing restiveness about the growing repression at home and the corruption of their government.”

Really now? So why isn’t Gaffney calling for Americans to take to the streets? Have we not seen our personal freedoms, economic opportunities and our standard of living slowly disappear over the past several years? Why are neocons not calling for an American revolt? And “repression at home and the corruption of their government” – what country is Mr. Gaffney living in?

Again, there is little to no difference between the Democrat and Republican establishments! This fake schism is but a ruse to keep the citizens divided and distracted from what both parties are doing behind the curtain, distracted from their direct involvement with the New World Order globalists and their demonic Agenda 21 plans.

Just touching on Vladimir Putin for a moment.

Putin does not have missiles in Cuba, Canada, Mexico, or Central and South America pointed at us. Currently, he is not threatening the United States in any way. Putin is no angel, but living under BHO isn’t exactly paradise either, and it’s getting worse by the day. Meanwhile our propaganda machine has been working overtime to demonize Putin, as if Americans aren’t oppressed by our own government, whether it’s with ever encroaching restrictions on free speech, confiscation and redistribution of income, intimidation via government agencies, seizing of private land, the surveillance of innocent citizens, or the devaluation of our currency. We should look at our own government and take responsibility for it before worrying about what Putin is doing in Russia.

Oh, sorry, I almost forgot. We Americans are a free people because we can choose our gender regardless of our anatomy – hooray for freedom!

No more senseless wars that change nothing while American troops lose their lives and limbs for a corrupt system which then discards them like a used kleenex! If anything, our troops should be used to defend our own southern border where we are being invaded by foreign nationals who seek to illegally take over our nation. I can dream – can’t I?

The fascist American Left and the Neocons are both hazardous to the future of the United States and to all who desire true freedom and true prosperity.

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Once again: Abe Lincoln was not an American hero – he was a tyrant!

I’ve said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again. Abe Lincoln was a tyrannical dictator, not an American hero. Lincoln spit on the U.S. Constitution over and over again during his time in office. Lincoln believed in an all-powerful central government. He had contempt for state’s rights and for freedom of the press.

Lincoln seems to be the only U.S. president that is universally praised by both democrats and republican politicians. The cowardly republicans praise Lincoln because of political correctness, because they fear that criticizing the man who supposedly freed the slaves will lead to calls of racism – same old story with these pathetic yellowbellies.

The democrats, especially our current president BHO, admire Lincoln not for his supposed role in ending slavery, but for his authoritarianism and disdain for the constitution. It is BHO’s wet dream to do what Lincoln did during his tenure – imprison political opponents and civilians who speak out against the federal government – shut down newspapers (media outlets) and imprison journalists who don’t carry the water for the federal government – etc.

And to those of you who still believe the myth that Lincoln cared for blacks, it’s time you stop believing the fairytales that you were taught in school and do some real research on the subject. After stomping out the seccesion attempt of the southern states, Lincoln did not believe that freed slaves could or should live among white Americans. Lincoln had a plan to deport all freed slaves and was working on an ideal location for their exile. It was only a guy by the name of John Wilkes Booth who put an end to that proposed policy.

The video below featuring real scholars and historians will help clear up some of the propaganda related to Abe Lincoln. Again, Lincoln was a tyrant, not a hero! Sorry if that upsets some people’s sensibilities but the truth is the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. Deal with it!

YouTube Preview Image

Is it any wonder why Judge Napolitano lost his Fox News gig? Telling the truth in media can cost you.

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Fox News warns of “Catastrophic Storm”

Today while I was getting ready to go out I had Fox News on in the background  – The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

During one of their constant “FOX NEWS ALERTS” Carlson sounded like a nuclear attack was just launched against the United States as she frantically burst out with the news of a “Catastrophic Storm” that is currently hitting the southeast.

Catastrophic? Really?

It’s fucking winter! Yes, the storm will inconvenience a lot of people who aren’t typically used to snowfall, and yes, some people may die as a result of automobile accidents and such caused by the nasty weather – but catastrophic?

According to Merriam-Webster a Catastrophe is defined as the following:

1: the final event of the dramatic action especially of a tragedy

2: a momentous tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune to utter overthrow or ruin

3a : a violent and sudden change in a feature of the earth

b : a violent usually destructive natural event (as a supernova)

4: utter failure : fiasco <the party was a catastrophe>

This is what Fox News is now all about – scaring people! Usually it’s All terrorism All the Time. It’s the same old talking heads such as Peter King, John Bolton, Bill Kristol, etc. telling us how we need to bomb or send troops into another Middle Eastern nation or be blown up by fanatical Muslims, who, by the way, we train and arm.

If I see another Fox News segment where they have opposing hacks from the Democrat and Republican parties predictably babbling their respective talking points like some trained rats, I just may throw my freakin TV out my freakin window, once and for all!

Truthfully, the only reason I even watch TV news anymore is simply to keep up on the lies and propaganda that the government is spewing. It’s useful to understand where they are trying to push us. Ninety percent of everything we see on the news, including Fox, is total propaganda designed to achieve a certain response from us.

P.S. I’ve heard from people who claim that I’ve turned pro-Muslim. That’s not the case at all. There is a good reason that the powers that be chose them to be the official bogeymen. It’s because they have a long history of violence and barbarism, and, are extremely easy to incite. They are much easier to vilify than, let’s say, the Pennsylvania Dutch. That’s about as deep as it goes!

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Paul Ryan: Another symptom of the terminal disease

You live and learn, they say. Well I can tell you that I learned a lot in the past several years, especially when it comes to America’s completely phony political system. And this is coming from someone who was very involved in the political process, including street work such as door-to-door signature collection.

A couple of years ago I would have agreed with anyone who told me that Paul Ryan was a solid conservative with a good future ahead of him. Today I’ll tell you that Paul Ryan exemplifies the worst of the worst in regards to our fake two-party system.

Phony Extraordinaire!

The man is a total fraud!

Mr. Ryan is doing his best to get the GOP controlled House of Representatives to cave in on giving tens of millions of illegal immigrants total amnesty – thus pretty much hammering in the last nail in America’s coffin. For a guy who is supposedly so concerned about our debt, long term budgets and entitlements, he doesn’t seem too worried about adding tens of millions more ignorant and unskilled people to the social welfare rolls! Oh, I remember now. These immigrants are natural conservatives, we’ve been told, true disciples of Milton Friedman.

Like a vast majority of Congress, Paul Ryan is a traitor who does not have the best interest of our nation in his heart. Instead, his interests lie in self-serving, ego-based objectives such as being liked by the opposition and the media, and of course, in making a ton of money off America’s carcass. Who knows, maybe the NSA has something on him that would tarnish his choirboy image if it happened to be leaked. But that’s giving the jerk the benefit of the doubt, which he doesn’t deserve.

Paul Ryan is just one more example of why I no longer have anything to do with the corrupt and fraudulent two-party system. This is why elections are no longer an avenue in which to address our enormous problems. Nothing will ever get done politically because the fix is in – as it has been for quite some time now. Of course, if the wrong person does manage to get close enough to threaten the system, they can always hack into the electronic voting machines and simply switch a couple of hundred thousand votes here, a couple of hundred thousand votes there, and bingo, we have a winner! Then, of course, we have people voting several times, dead people voting, and illegal immigrants and non-citizens voting. No to mention that airplanes and motor vehicles are known to crash once in a while.

If anyone still believes we are living in a democracy/representative republic, I have a fucking bridge in Brooklyn that I can give you for nearly nothing. We are living in a high-tech BANNA REPUBLIC – plain and simple!

Admitting that we have very little control over our “by the people, for the people” government can be a very hard pill to swallow – but it’s the first step to even dreaming of taking it back.

The globalist cabal that has been running the world for at least the past forty to fifty years has done a great job of distracting and dumbing us down via public education government indoctrination facilities, television, movies, music, advertising and professional sports. These evil demons are experts on human nature and know exactly how to pull the strings of the average person, who today, can be pretty much overwhelmed just making ends meet, never mind having the time and energy to decipher what is being force-fed to them.

About the only thing that I can say with near certainty when it come to the society we live in is that almost nothing is at it seems. I’ve come to understand that the only thing I can control is my own heart and mind. In these places, I’m still a free and sovereign being, as opposed to a slave who doesn’t realize he’s wearing chains. I’m really not comfortable with giving people advice, but if I was, I would simply say to take back control of your own mind and spirit which are ultimately in your control. Clean up your inner life and throw out the trash that doesn’t serve you. Open your mind to the endless possibilities, good and bad, of this infinite universe. If we each take back our own personal power, maybe, just maybe, we can begin to rebuild a world where we are truly free.

Let’s take back our God-given power!

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