Media shows its ignorance on guns – once again!

I read a piece on the Maryland mall shooting where a young couple who worked together at a store in the mall were targeted by a gunman who shot and killed both of them. The gunman then turned the gun on himself.

Anyway, the firearm was reported to be a 12 gauge shotgun, the kind Joe Biden suggested people use for home self-defense.

Here is a snippet from the NY Daily News:

“Five other people — one who was shot in the foot — were treated at a local hospital and released Saturday. Police said the gunman fired between six and eight shots with a 12-gauge shotgun he bought in December. One of the victims was a floor below the store where the shooting occurred and was struck by a stray bullet, police said.”

Read entire story HERE.

Note to the idiot reporters and editors of the NY Daily News: Shotguns Don’t Shoot Bullets! Shotguns shoot small metal pellets referred to as shot. I don’t expect the reporters and editors over at the Daily News to get this, but there is a concept referred to as research. They should try it sometimes.

This is but another example of the media’s ignorance when it comes to firearms – especially northeastern left-wing media. They don’t know and they don’t care to find out. They, instead, push their willful ignorance and anti-gun propaganda on the masses in order to serve the agenda of their masters.

I’m surprised they didn’t report the shotgun as being an assault rifle.

BTW: Since this was another black on white crime, and not some rabid Tea Party nut, it will be forgotten about pretty quickly.

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Obama to rein in NSA spying on Americans

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Are you an outlaw?

I don’t know who this woman is – but she rocks!

YouTube Preview Image

There’s absolutely nothing I can add to this except that I only wish there were more like her.

Check out the rest of her videos!

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Ghetto family values

Take a look at this disgusting video and you’ll understand why there is so much crime and depravity coming from the “black community.” Is it really shocking that “teens” are running around sucker punching old women?

YouTube Preview Image

If only more tax dollars could be spent on social welfare programs and education, we wouldn’t have this problem – yeah right! I’d bet the farm that these parents animals in the video have cable TV, smart phones, laptops and $150 Nike sneakers. If you gave $10 million to these people the only difference is that they would be living in a bigger home with more stuff and drive expensive luxury cars. Nothing else would change! Money can’t heal a person’s soul, or give them a soul, for that matter.

YouTube Preview Image

Just teens causing a little mischief, no big deal, everybody did stuff like this when they were teens.

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Bully politicians and bureaucrats laugh while they make our lives miserable

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve about had it with government bullies running roughshod over citizens while laughing and enjoying the pay, power, perks and benefits that only government workers seem to enjoy in modern day America.

It has now come to light, in spite of denials, that the fat fcuk from NJ who thinks he’s going to be president played games with people’s time and safety in order to screw a local politician who wasn’t playing ball with him before last year’s election. It seems that fatso ordered lane closures on the G.W. Bridge in retaliation for not getting an endorsement from the Democrat mayor of Fort Lee. The lane closures made people’s commute that much more miserable, and even made it difficult for school buses to get kids to school on time.

According to a NY Times story, e-mails and text messages between Christie lapdogs and Port Authority appointees clearly show the intent of the arbitrary lane closures. The intent was to punish Fort Lee mayor, Mark Sokolich, by making life miserable for his constituents. E-mails from Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, to Christie pal and Port Authority appointee, David Wildstein, clearly show that political vindictiveness was the reason for the lane closures that tied the city in knots for 4 days.

While the citizens of Fort Lee, a town I know very well, dealt with the unnecessary gridlock and potential danger, Ms. Kelly and Mr. Wildstein were having a good laugh at their expense. One text message went like this:

Wildstein: Is it wrong that I’m smiling?

Kelly: No.

Wildstein: I feel badly about the kids.

Kelly: They are the children of Buono voters. (Barbara Buono was Christie’s democrat opponent in the governor’s race.)

There we have it, government officials playing games with the lives of citizens for their own personal and political agendas. I don’t care if it’s Obama or Christie. I don’t want elected political leaders who believe they are kings and the citizens are nothing more than mere pawns to exploit and order around.

If, God forbid, Chris Christie made it into the Oval Office, his policies would probably be a little bit better than Obama’s, but his dictatorial attitude and vindictiveness would be no less. Christie is not only a bully and an egomaniac, but he’s also a big time RINO who panders to illegal immigrants and supports amnesty just as strongly as any democrat. The scary thing is that stupid republicans will probably support this fraud and give him the nomination.

It’s time to stop electing rulers and start electing servants. They are supposed to be serving us, not the other way around. But then again, is a political solution to our oppressing problems even possible anymore? Are a weak, decadent, ignorant and selfish people capable of making rational choices? I, for one, am not too optimistic.

P.S. Ms. Kelly and Mr. Wildstein need to be fired immediately! Of course, Chris Christie should be fired as well, but he’ll probably just throw his flunkies under the bus and claim they acted on their own. But don’t worry about them, they’ll receive high-paying, do-nothing corporate jobs through Christie’s connections, which is what always happens when these types of firings occur.

Read NY TIMES story HERE.

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Merry Christmas

During this holiday season, it’s important to remember that Jesus Christ stood out like a sore thumb during his time on this earth. He refused to be part of a corrupt system. He refused to go along with the program that the Roman Empire and the Jewish High Priests were pushing. This resistance cost him his earthly life.

2,013 years after the crucifixion of Jesus, why is it that human beings seem to be more compliant than ever before?  Why is conformity now cool? Theoretically, the current level of technology and science that engulfs our everyday lives should produce potentially endless possibilities for human freedom and prosperity.

So why do we have…

Conformity instead of individualism.

Groupthink instead of open minds.

Ignorance and apathy instead of knowledge and wisdom.

Twitter followers and Facebook friends instead of real human relationships.

Is it merely a coincidence that all the while we are steadily losing the power and freedom to determine our own destinies?

During this holiday season why not, at least for a little while, get your noses out of your smart-phones, tablets and laptops and look up at the world around you? Why not stop acting and thinking like everyone else and stand out from the crowd? Why not briefly step out of your box and see what it looks like from the outside? Why not take a moment and reexamine your beliefs…are they yours or someone else’s? As much as possible, why not live outside the “Matrix” and make your own rules and set your own limits instead of having them set for you by the faceless and soulless powers that pull the strings from behind the curtain? I’ve tried to do all of these things, and while I’m far from perfect, and never will be, I’m better, happier and more free than I was before.

Merry Christmas and a free and prosperous New Year!

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Government chooses illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans

In a bold and in-our-face display of their evil, our congress has chosen to cut the pensions of U.S. veterans, including disabled veterans, by $6 billion over 10 years, while allowing illegal immigrants to continue using a child tax credit loophole to collect welfare.

If Americans don’t already know where they stand in the eyes of our despicable government, there shouldn’t be any doubt now. And yes, an amendment was offered to close the loophole for illegals and return the lost benefits for vets, but the vile traitorous animal that goes by the name of Harry Reid blocked it from coming to a vote.

As usual though, resistance from the supposed opposition party was pathetic and weak with only a few lawmakers even attempting to correct this travesty.

There is no fear of the American people by our criminal government. They are now at the point where they laugh in our faces while they destroy the last vestiges of what was once the envy of the world – the United States of America.

Who can blame these evil scumbags for laughing at us? They know that only a small percentage of Americans are even aware of what they are actually doing. Even most of those that are aware will quickly turn their attention to the playoff hopes of their NFL teams – and those in power know this all too well.

BTW: These cuts to the pensions of vets at the expense of illegal immigrants invaders are part of the great budget deal that Paul Ryan helped to draft and has aggressively defended against criticism by the Tea Party. Paul Ryan is simply another two-bit phony and fraud whose only interest is getting reelected. These Republicans never cease to disappoint – do they?

Fucking disgusting! What else is there to say anymore?

Read story HERE

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Mandela funeral: my two cents

I thought that I may as well add my two cents into the phony international frenzy that is the death of Nelson Mandela and his subsequent funeral. And why not? Who else is left to alienate or piss off?

The entire fiasco is truly sickening – although not at all unexpected.

In short, Nelson Mandela was a violent terrorist for a good part of his life and a proud hardcore Communist for his entire life. The big deal over Nelson Mandela is nothing more that left-wing propaganda, indoctrination, and political correctness run amok.

The Mandela era and its aftermath has almost completely destroyed what was once the jewel of Africa. With every passing day, it is more dangerous to be a white person in South Africa. Very soon the nation will become just another Uganda or similar African cesspool of unspeakable violence, corruption, poverty and death.

I won’t even get into Mandela’s ex-wife, Winnie, who was nothing short of a sadistic murderous tyrant.

Then we have all the phony platitudes thrown around by idiots like Bono and BHO who actually compared Mandela to the Founding Fathers and Abe Lincoln. This crap makes me want to heave – and that’s why I try to pay as little attention to it as possible.

BTW: Apartheid in South Africa ended in 1994 but that doesn’t stop the new CUNY Law School in my neighborhood from proudly displaying this poster in their lobby that can be seen by anybody passing by the entrance.

Enough already, I’m tired of it!

P.S. How about the sign language interpreter working the Mandela ceremonies? Turns out the guy is a complete fraud and doesn’t know jack-squat about sign language. My theory is that they couldn’t get a black South African who knew sign language so instead of hiring a qualified white person, they set up this clown to play out the charade. Of course, they didn’t think that any of the millions of people throughout the world who use sign language would notice.

See Story HERE.

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