America, it was good to know you

Any moron with half a brain should be able to see the writing on the wall in regards to America’s future. In fact, the writing on the wall is written in letters the size of mountains. Only a complete idiot or zombied-out reality denier cannot see what’s coming.

Is the future of this nation set in stone – or is there a chance to avoid the nearly inevitable?

If we had a true opposition party that actually puts on the gloves and fights the Marxist-Left, maybe America could possibly pull off a last second victory. But one has to do a lot of assuming and dreaming to even get to a point where we can toss the desperate Hail Mary pass. Even if Republicans can hold the House and take back the Senate later this year, and a Republican can somehow win the White House in 2016, what will really change?

Look what BHO is now doing on our southern borders. These people will probably get to vote, if not this November, then for sure by 2016. This is an evil and illegal plan to permanently change the demographics of this nation, and thus turn it into a bankrupt and corrupt (meaning much more corrupt than it is already) Socialist state. If we had an opposition party, this alone would be an impeachable offence – if not outright treason for allowing a foreign entity to overtake our nation, something that has never happened to America since its founding.

If by some miracle the Republicans do gain complete power of the government, they almost certainly will not do what needs to be done. They don’t have the intestinal fortitude nor the moral compass to do so. Like the other party, the Republicans will sell out the futures of their grandchildren in a New York second in order to enrich themselves in the short term. They are afraid of the media. They are afraid of words…racist…xenophobe…homophobe…etc. They are afraid of skin color – black and brown. They are morally bankrupt cowards and relying on them to save this once great nation is like relying on a three-hundred pound jockey to win the Triple Crown.

So what’s next for America after the almost inevitable collapse?

There’s a great piece over at Amerika that goes into some feasible scenarios, which unfortunately, may be the best possible outcomes for freedom-loving true Americans who still wish to remain on the landmass known as The United States of America.

Read piece Here.

The author, Charles Lyons, ends the piece with this extremely sad but true sentence – “America, you had a good run but we all need to prepare for a future without you.”

Oh how I wish that statement was not so true.

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Taliban prisoner swap: GOP is all talk and no action

The internet is full of stories about the GOP saying that BHO’s prisoner swap, you know, the one where he swapped 5 Gitmo prisoners for one pro-Muslim scumbag deserter, was illegal.

The Republicans claim that BHO broke federal law. Really now? Do they mean like all the other hundreds of times he’s done so? Do they mean like the changes, delays and waivers to Obamacare after the law was passed? Something like that?

What has the GOP done while BHO has been running roughshod over the constitution and the rule of law for fucking six years – nothing! Al they do is talk!

Some gullible bloggers are even saying that this could finally lead to BHO’s impeachment. Grow up and stop waiting for Santa Claus to crawl down the chimney already. The Republicans shit in their pants at the very thought of impeaching the “first black president.” They will never impeach him. All they will ever do is whine, bitch and complain. And even most of this whining, bitching and complaining is strictly for the consumption of their stupid gullible constituents. It’s to get money to fund their campaigns – plain and simple!

When evidence was produced that would be more than enough in any court of law (although political corruption in the courts is slowly becoming the norm in the former USA) clearly shows BHO’s birth certificate to be 100% fraudulent, what did they do? Nothing! They refused to even look at the evidence, just as political/religious elites supposedly refused to look through Galileo’s telescope for fear of what they may see. They also refuse to look at his other phony documents. They also remain silent as church mice on his refusal to release any records of any kind dating back to freakin kindergarten. Nothing to see here! We will get rid of him in the 2012 election.

The GOP had plenty of chances to throw BHO out of the White House. They chose to do nothing! They are terrified of the man’s skin pigmentation and the cries of racism from the MSM. Their opposition to him has been tepid to non-existent. Maybe, just maybe, some are scared because of the information the NSA has on them – who knows?

Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that the GOP gains control of both houses of congress and then the White House in 2016. Does anyone really believe that Obamacare will be repealed? Does anyone really believe that the borders will be secured? Does anyone really believe that the tax code will be simplified and the IRS reigned in? Does anyone really believe that energy prices will go down and that we will become energy independent? Does anyone really believe that spending – real spending – not just cuts in the rate of growth, will decrease? Does anyone really believe that the Federal Reserve will be abolished and that we will get back to a sound monetary system?

Keep dreaming!

If you believe any of these things will happen under GOP leadership, you are extremely naive or just a plain outright fool. Let’s not forget that Bush and the republicans had complete control of the government for six years. What do we conservatives/libertarians have to show for it? The answer is nothing! We got two wars that we didn’t really fight to win. We got a phony housing bubble to quell the masses. And eventually, we got bailouts and too big to fails.

It’s time to wake up and face reality. The GOP is slightly better than the democrats but if you really desire true change, true freedom and true prosperity, I’m afraid you’ll be gravely disappointed – once again!

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That can’t happen here!

The so-called liberals, the rank and file liberals, of this country are so stupid, so ignorant, so naive, so intellectually lazy, that it’s becoming nearly impossible to stop the train from going off the cliff. Some rank and file republicans and conservatives aren’t too much better, be it for slightly different reasons.

You see, there are millions upon millions of people in this once-great nation that really seem to believe that the air, soil and water in America have super God-Like powers. These people actually believe that things that have been happening all over the world for thousands of years just can’t happen here. They really believe that America is immune from the very laws of nature – particularly human nature.

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard a mind-numbed sheep blurt out the ridiculous phrase ‘that can’t happen here.’ Often enough, those words also come from the mouths of so-called republicans. We can’t have martial law imposed in America. We can’t have our bank accounts confiscated here. People will never be thrown into prison or into reeducation camps for speaking their minds here. Gun confiscation will never happen here. The internet as well as our entire power grid can never be shut off here. Our government doesn’t lie to us and spy on us, not here. After all, this is America. We are immune from all the evil non-Americans have suffered from over the centuries, and are still suffering from today.

No, those things don’t and can’t happen here in America. We have free elections here. We have democracy. All we have to do to solve our problems is to elect a new president.

Furthermore, America is so special and magical that it can actually transform savages into pleasant law-abiding citizens who love baseball, apple pie and old glory. All these people have to do is set foot within our borders and there will be an instant transformation.

A couple of days ago there was a story out of Pakistan where a family stoned one of their daughters to death on the steps of a courthouse right in front of the police. The woman’s crime was marrying someone not approved of by the family. Meanwhile, thousands of immigrants from Pakistan and other Middle Eastern hellholes continue to pour into our country every single day. The brain-dead zombie liberal will simply shake their heads and with a straight face tell you that it’s ok because they can’t do those types of things over here because it’s against our laws. Never mind, that the real issue is why we would want people who have that type of evil and barbarism in their hearts and minds to begin with. Isn’t comforting to know that your Muslim neighbor would love to slit your throat and/or stone you to death and the only thing holding him back is a law.

Liberals and other sheeple also believe that America can absorb millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, from Mexico, Central and South America without anything ever changing – without any consequences – without their current standards of living being drastically affected. You see, according to these zombies, just stepping onto American soil will cleanse these people of their ignorance, as well as all the other destructive and filthy habits of the Third World. In fact, even republicans and conservatives have gone as far as calling Mexicans ‘natural conservatives.’ What a fucking joke! According to these dimwits, Mexicans don’t sneak across our border to gain access to our social welfare system and leach off the American taxpayer, they do it because they believe in low taxes, a balanced budget, and small government.

Again, it must be that American air which causes this miraculous and instantaneous transformation.

These assorted idiots, misguided idealists and 30-year-old adolescents actually believe that there is nothing to the concept of national identity. They believe that all cultures are equal, and therefore, must be respected. And who needs a national language? Who needs such an old fashioned and outdated concept? Hell, even the great conservative, Rush Limbaugh, has stated on many occasions that there is virtually no genetic difference between people of the world and that all people basically desire the same things. Really, Rush? Excuse me for being a skeptic, but I highly doubt very much that I desire the same things that illegal Mexican immigrants and Pakistani immigrants do.

I’m an immigrant and I’m about as different from a Pakistani and Mexican immigrant as a frog is from a horse. It’s not entirely about genetics, Rush, it’s about the culture. And yes, I believe know that my culture is better – far better – than Middle Eastern culture and Mexican culture. I couldn’t even stone a rat to death, much less a member of m own family. I’m also incapable of sneaking into another country then demanding rights and demanding that I be catered to. But hey, who am I, a privileged white European male, to judge?

I know, I know, I’m a racist. Please tell me something I don’t already know.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that America is not immune to poverty, ignorance, corruption, and all of the evil that is ingrained in human nature. All it takes is to be awake and to have the courage to admit what you see with your own eyes. The most dangerous phrase in modern America is ‘that can’t happen here.’

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Celebrate Diversity!

Even though this happened last week, I just couldn’t pass on commenting.

A “Brooklyn man” was arrested for beating his wife to death because he disapproved of the dinner she served him.

Read story HERE.

That’s correct, this happened in the once-great borough of Brooklyn, which like most of NY City, is slowly but surely turning into a Third World cesspool. I can’t rag on Brooklyn too much though, because my home borough of Queens has the prestigious distinction of being the city’s most diverse. Lucky us!

Anyway, this Pakistani Muslim immigrant took great offence at the meal his 66-year-old wife cooked up for him. She prepared some lentils while Mr. Hussain had his heart set on some scrumptious goat. So much for trying to stretch the family food budget. At least Mr. Hussain wanted to eat the goat instead of…never mind.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

The lawyer (Court-appointed and taxpayer funded, I’m sure) for this walking turd is using the culture defense in representing her client. She – yes, a woman – contends that her client didn’t believe he was doing anything wrong because in his country and culture it’s quite ok to knock your wife around a little bit every now and then. No big deal! And because we are such a multicultural nation, we should be very tolerant of all the cultures that are represented in this great tapestry, bar none. Isn’t that what we are told, ad nauseam? Isn’t this what they teach little Johnny in the public schools?

Celebrate diversity!

Who’s to say that Mr. Hussain isn’t going to walk on these charges? I’m sure his defense team can come up with a few Pakistani immigrants to sit on the jury. True, they may be a few less cabs to hail for a week or so, but that’s a small price to pay for cultural justice.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

The citizens of America better start getting used to this scenario because this is what happens in multicultural societies. Why should all these immigrants follow our western culture? Shouldn’t all cultures have a say into what is acceptable and what is not? Shouldn’t all cultures have their own laws and justice system instead of having to abide by our Euro-Centric customs and laws?

Celebrate diversity!

Does anyone with at least a double digit IQ believe that it’s strictly accidental that 85% of the immigrants since 1968 come from the lovely Third World? This is obviously no accident. The evil global elite began dismantling this nation decades ago. What we are witnessing today under BHO is the quickening – the coup de gras.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t possibly be married or have any type of close relationship with someone who doesn’t share my core values. Not agree on everything, just share the basic values that dictate how we live our lives and how we decide what is right and what is wrong. Notice that even western feminists are not rushing to marry strict Islamic men from the Middle East –at least not yet, anyway. Why do we, and other western nations, believe that we can import people into our society who don’t come close to sharing our values and not suffer the consequences?

Stay calm and celebrate diversity!

So, here we are in the balkanized USA where the natives must accept every foreign culture as equal. This includes cultures that beat their wives to death over an unsatisfactory meal and don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with it. The Democrat Party continues to push this national suicide while the Republicans stick their collective heads up their asses and don’t do a fucking thing to stop it.

Diversity is NOT a strength, and it never was. Particularly artificially created diversity – forced diversity. Multiculturalism is a death sentence for western culture. It’s a death sentence for North America and Europe. It’s a death sentence for economic and personal liberty. Multiculturalism is a means to an end. It can’t simply be reversed whenever the populace finally come to their senses an decide that enough is enough.

Go ahead, gullible sleeping Americans, embrace multiculturalism and celebrate diversity. But you may as well be celebrating your own extinction.

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How about our state media?

It’s been a while. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t stop simply because the New World Order, BHO, and other assorted power-hungry Marxists are doing their best to enslave us, not to mention the corrupt and complicit MSM, along with the pathetic sheeple who believe their obvious lies.

Speaking of the MSM and the brain-dead, lazy-assed, self-absorbed morons who accept everything they report at face value. There is a story from The Daily Mail that highlights this scary and dangerous phenomenon.

The story is about the rift between Prince Charles and Vladimir Putin. This began when the royal scum compared Putin to Hitler. How original! Anyway, the Russian media struck back at the asshole and his royally evil family by highlighting their cozy history with Hitler and the Nazis – historical facts!

I don’t really give a damn about this drama, or anything coming out of the supposed royal family, but this one line from the article caught my attention.

“His words come hours after state media channel Russia Today broadcast a segment highlighted the Royal Family’s links to the Nazis.”

Read full story HERE.

Obviously, the people of Great Britain suffer from the same malady as most Americans. They actually believe that the western media isn’t in bed with the state. What a fucking laugh! If The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and thousands upon thousands of other media outlets aren’t mouthpieces for BHO and the Cultural Marxists, I don’t know who is. Westerners actually believe that our press is more honest and independent than the Russian press? We are in even deeper trouble than I thought.

People really need to get a grip and grow the fuck up already. Only children are allowed to live in make believe worlds. People need to get their heads out of their asses and away from the idiot tube and the garbage it radiates. People need to get a grip on reality. People also need to stop seeing our country – our government – in the same light as their hometown sports team. Unlike sports, which have become nothing more than a national distraction, there are real-world, dire consequences for blindly siding with Your Team – Your Government.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was guilty of this kind of dangerous thinking. I considered myself a real patriot. I loved the American flag and displayed it proudly whenever I could. Then I got wiser. I woke up. Being awake is mentally harder than being asleep. When you are asleep, you don’t feel the water slowly coming to a boil before it’s too late. When you are awake, you feel every painful degree as the water slowly but surely heads toward the inevitable boiling point.

When I see the American flag today, I don’t really know what to think. The flag is supposed to be a symbol of our country. But what has our country become? To me and other people old enough and/or wise enough to notice, our country has become virtually unrecognizable. So just what does the flag currently represent? If it represents the ideals this nation was founded on, that’s one thing. If it represents the ideals we currently espouse, that’s quite another. To say I have mixed feeling when I see the US flag is an understatement. Mostly, I experience a heaviness, a sadness. It’s like looking at a photo of a deceased loved one. But one thing I know for sure is that the US flag is not a jersey of one’s hometown sports team. To look upon it in such a way is extremely dangerous.

P.S. I know that the Mob will accuse me of being unpatriotic. The Mob is well trained by the media and other institutions to gang up on people who don’t go along with the program. But I’ve happily come to the point where I’ll gladly accept an uncomfortable and often scary truth over a feel-good lie any day of the week.

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Boehner creates select committee to investigate Benghazi – hardy-har-har!

The political talking heads are buzzing about the fact that Speaker John ‘Bone-Head’ Boehner has appointed a, get this, select committee to investigate what took place in Benghazi nearly two years ago.

What a fucking joke!

What gets me is that the pathetically naive GOP voters are falling for this charade hook, line and sinker. And so are the mainstream republican/conservative blogs. These people actually believe that something substantial is going to come out of this. Some are even stupid enough to think dream that, this time, they’ll finally nail BHO. Yeah, and 5 million pounds are waiting to be transferred to their bank accounts just as Barrister Oingo Boingo promised them in his last e-mail.

Children are allowed to wish for what will never happen. Children are allowed to believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. Children are allowed to live in make-believe worlds where miracles happen and the good guys always win. But when the majority of adults act and think like children, we ultimately get societal collapse.

Don’t you mainstream republicans and conservatives understand that the fix is in? Don’t you understand that the political arena is no more real than an Off-Broadway play? Don’t you understand that John Boehner is just as unethical and just as much a liar and fraud as is BHO? Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit on the last one, but you get the point.

The GOP, as it stands today, will not do a damn thing about Benghazi, Obamacare, illegal immigration, IRS harassment, NSA spying, tax reform or energy independence. The two-party system is a scam designed to give people (especially those not on the Left) the impression that they really have some sort of say or control over their government. The goal of this political theatre, much like the goal of a three-card-monte dealer, is to distract away from the reality of what is going on. Look here while we plot to rob you blind and enslave you over there.

Think I’m being a bit gloomy and pessimistic, do you? Even if the Republicans take control of both houses of congress (a fairly good possibility) later this year, do you really believe that anything will change? The first order of business will be for Boehner and McConnell to conspire with BHO to pass amnesty for tens of millions of illegal invaders. This, in itself, will change the political, cultural and demographic landscape forever, and there will never be another republican/conservative president again. Republicans will be a weak minority party only able to hold on to a handful of congressional seats scattered around this once-great land. That is, until the tidal wave of multiculturalism eventually sweeps over those areas as well.

It is my humble opinion that real change (not phony bullshit change), has become nearly impossible under the current two-party political system. There is too much corruption and too many short-sighted and stupid sheeple benefit from this corruption, or so they chose to believe. From my point of view, we are currently living in a soft left-wing fascist state. People believe they still enjoy the same freedoms as previous generations simply because this tyrannical fascism is well disguised. And, of course, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reality shows, sports, and all of the other techie gadgets – therefore we are free.

Sadly, most of our society simply does not know what real freedom is. The concept of freedom is continuously being watered-down, while the heat of tyranny and oppression is turned up ever-so-slowly until – BAM – the frog is boiling and can’t escape the pot. If things don’t change (both quickly and drastically) the next few generations will have absolutely no idea of what real freedom and self-government is because they will have never experienced it. And, of course, they will not have been educated on it. You can’t understand what you know absolutely nothing about.

This is why I can’t get excited about this so-called select committee on Benghazi. Not being born yesterday, an slowly but surely getting to the age where I’ve experienced this bullshit a few times over already, I know nothing will come of this. Call me a pessimist and I’ll tell you I’m simply a realist. This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up and simply accept all the darkness and evil that is barreling our way, I just don’t believe that our current political system is a vehicle for stopping it. I’m also smart enough to admit that I don’t have the answer, at least not one that has any chance in hell of being implemented. For now, the only thing I believe can save us (and humanity as a whole) is a mass awakening of a solid majority of the people of this Earth. What can spur that awakening? I don’t really know.

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First Donald Sterling, then this…

Those of you who still want to delude yourselves by pretending to believe that Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, deserves every bit of what he’s getting, and more, may one day, if you live long enough, come to understand the shortsightedness and cowardice of your so-called thinking.

Donald Sterling (granted, an asshole) has been figuratively dragged through the streets like Mussolini for simply being caught on an illegal recording expressing his true feelings about issues pertaining to race by his gold-digging whore of a mistress . For the rest of his life his name is not only Mud – but Shit. He is banned from a league (NBA) where he owns a franchise, fined $2.5 million, and will most likely be forced to sell his team – lawsuits notwithstanding.

No problem! He’s a scumbag billionaire who will still be a billionaire when the smoke clears. So who cares? Even though most people wouldn’t fare any better if their private conversations were leaked to the public, he’s filthy rich, so he deserves everything he got, and more.

Before you celebrate too much about the social downfall of Mr. Sterling, give some thought to a man in England by the name of Paul Weston. Mr. Weston is the chairman of Not-So-Great Britain’s Liberty Party, a nationalist party that is concerned about the massive immigration that is eroding away English culture and national identity. In Britain’s case, this immigration is predominantly in the form of Arab Muslims from the Middle East.

What was Mr. Weston’s crime?

Mr. Weston read, in public, a passage from a book written by Winston Churchill where the former prime minister spoke about the dangers of the Islamic culture. Yes, this is the same Winston Churchill, who, to this day, is still synonymous with Great Britain’s struggle to survive the horrors of the second world-war. Most British Citizens pretend to hold Mr. Churchill in the same esteem that many Americans once held George Washington. Notice, I said once.


Well wouldn’t you know it that a person who heard Mr. Weston’s reading of the Churchill passage complained to the authorities, and bingo, Mr. Weston is in jail facing up to 10 years in prison for hate speech against Islam. I’d lay ten to one that the person who complained is a white Brit.

Anyway, this is what is coming to the good ole USA in the very near future. American citizens will be arrested for “hate speech” against protected so-called minorities, which means anyone who isn’t a white person of European ancestry. This so-called hate speech will be prosecuted under the guise of national security. If you say anything deemed as racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic, you will be labeled a terrorist. Under the current system, you will probably only lose your job, business, standing in the community, etc. But it won’t be long before prison will be part of the punishment. But don’t worry. Our government, benevolent as it is, will show mercy if you are contrite enough. In that case you may be able to forgo incarceration and go directly to a reeducation program where the government will help you to finally get your mind right.

Think I exaggerate? You better think again! You think that this “can’t happen here?” Well, I think you are a total moron who I would dare not compare to a sheep because even sheep are radical revolutionaries in comparison to your stupid, sorry ass. If you can’t see what is coming around the corner, you are nothing more than a positive result in a sick government experiment. You are nothing more than a glob of protoplasm that can be molded into anything the powers-that-be want, simply by distracting you with mainstream media, pop culture and sports. Your fragile ego, which longs for adulation and acceptance, will perpetually blind you from the reality of the world you live in, thus keeping you in a state of comfortable slavery.

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’

Did they get you to trade…your heroes for ghosts?…hot ashes for trees?…hot air for a cool breeze?…cold comfort for change? Did you exchange a walk-on part in a war for lead role in a cage?”

Donald Sterling is but a trial balloon. They are watching people’s reactions. They are laughing and high-fiving while we willingly give away all of our freedoms simply because we can’t stand the thought of people thinking we aren’t nice – aren’t fair. We are nothing more than pathetic sheep being led to our own slaughter. But we save our executioners the trouble by slitting our own throats.

Only a true miracle (mass awakening) can now save humanity from the cold dark hell it is sinking into.

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The Donald Sterling fiasco – another nail in America’s coffin

We all know what has happened to the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling. I am here to say that what has transpired is simply another nail in the coffin of the First Amendment, another nail in the coffin of personal privacy, and quite frankly, another nail in America’s coffin.

Regardless of what you think of the man, or about what he said on those tapes, he has every right to say what he did – period! And  he said these things in conversations he believed to be private.

By the way, it is illegal in California to record someone without their knowledge and consent. So, when will that gold-digging tramp be charged with a crime? I’ll tell you when – never! You see, the outrageous bigotry she exposed is far more important than a mere privacy statute. Hell, she may even win the Noble Peace Prize.

Anyone who is currently parroting the politically correct media talking points and is supposedly upset about Sterling’s remarks is a hypocrite. How many people, whether they be billionaires or electricians, could withstand the scrutiny of their private conversations being recorded and released to the public? Who among us would be able to pass that test? Who among us has never said things in private that if exposed could get us fired or cause us to lose friends and even family relationships? Think about the worst things you’ve done and said in your life and then think about having these things played back to people at your office or at the bar you hang out in.

Since this non-story broke, I’ve actually heard idiotic statements in regards to “supporting the Clipper players.” Give me a fucking break already! For years, millions of people have put up with far worse from their employers – and for peanuts. We are supposed to feel bad for some basketball player who makes millions upon millions playing a fucking game? I’ve worked for bosses who I knew didn’t like me – and I didn’t like them in return – but they paid me and I did the work and that’s all there was to it. I’ve worked for Jewish-owned and operated companies where Christians were second class citizens and Jews were favored in regards to pay, promotions, and even work schedules. I know that makes me a rabid Anti-Semite, but it’s the truth, and I chose to work there until I no longer needed to. I didn’t file any complaints with the EEOC, useless as that would have been. Spare me please with the poor innocent players being all broken up over this old geezers statements. You don’t have to shake the guys hand or kiss his wrinkly ass, but you can continue to play your silly game and take your huge paychecks. In other words, be a fucking adult!

Then we have morons like former NBA player Larry Johnson saying “we need an all black league.” Eighty-one percent black isn’t enough for you, huh Larry? Perhaps Mr. Johnson would also want only black fans in the seats and only black fans subscribing to only black-owned cable companies watching the games on TV. See how much money the players would be able to make then, Larry, you fucking race-obsessed idiot.

This latest incident is just another attempt at policing not only our speech, but our thoughts as well. The Cultural Marxists that run America, and basically, the world, want to use this incident to implant into people’s minds, particularly children’s minds, that certain thoughts, feelings and opinions are totally unacceptable. They want people to self-censor themselves. They want a populace of robotic sheep who speak only government approved words and think only government approved thoughts. I choose not to participate in that type of world. If I don’t like certain people or cultures, I don’t have to. If someone doesn’t like me, my opinions or culture, that’s perfectly fine also. I don’t need to be liked by everyone.

In a statement from Kevin Johnson, former NBA player and current democrat mayor of Sacremanto, the moron said, and I’m paraphrasing, that this should be a warning to all bigots out there, if Donald Sterling can be brought down, so can you. I find that statement extremely scary. In other words, it doesn’t matter who you are, your speech and thoughts can cause you to lose everything. However, if Sterling has to sell the team and pay over two million in fines that’s one thing. If an accountant with a wife and two kids who makes 75K a year loses his job and can’t find another one, that’s altogether another.

Watch what you say and think because we will financially destroy you and turn you into a social pariah.

This entire fiasco is simply another way for the totalitarians to amass more power and control over people. Don’t fall for it! Don’t give in to it! Your mind is your own, as are your thoughts. They need not be scrutinized or sanitized by outside forces. Only you can do that. Societies have always judged and punished actions, never thoughts. While you don’t have the right to infringe on other people’s rights or otherwise harm them, you are not obliged to like everyone. You are not obliged to like and agree with a culture that goes against your moral convictions.

Do I think Donald Sterling is a nice guy? Hell no! First off, any man who is married and has a mistress on the side is obviously a slazeball. I don’t really care about his views on blacks or any other minorities – including Croatian-Americans. As far as facing his players and explaining his remarks to them, that’s his problem. If he broke the law he should pay the consequences, but basically forcing him to sell his property and fining him millions of dollars for comments he made in private to his whore of a mistress is simply absurd. If we want to be a truly free society we’d better not go down this slippery path.

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