BHO – The thrill is gone!

Peggy Joseph.  I’ve often called her the gift that keeps on giving to this blog. That’s right, Peggy Joseph, the poor woman who made a complete fool of herself on national TV after one of BHO’s campaign speeches in 2008.

Since that time I have often used the video of an orgasmic Peggy Joseph expressing her excitement over her understanding that when BHO becomes president she won’t have to worry about paying her mortgage and for her gasoline. Yes, I shamelessly used Ms. Joseph’s very public display of ignorance to make a point, over and over again. The point being that the vast majority of people who supported BHO were simply dumber than a freaking doorknob; their reasons for supporting him were based on sheer emotion and wishful thinking rather than reality and reason.

Well, using Ms. Joseph to highlight the cluelessness of his sycophants has finally come to an end. You see, Ms. Joseph has finally seen the light. Better late than never – they say. Unfortunately, even if 60% of his supporters came out and admitted that they made a mistake, the damage is already done.  It may be too late to undo the devastation he has unleashed on this nation.

I’m glad Ms. Joseph finally woke up, and I give her mega credit for doing so, as well as credit for admitting that she was naive and that she was wrong. The vast majority of BHO supporters can never admit that they were wrong – that they were bamboozled by the biggest fraud in American history. This tells me that at heart, Ms. Joseph is a good woman, and not dumb at all.

Here she is. The new and greatly improved, Peggy Joseph.

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. Even black Obama supporters in Chicago have turned on him over his plan to flood this country with illegal immigrants. Granted, their reasoning is based on pure self-interest (more money for illegals = less money for them), but even they understand that our government should think about Americans first as opposed to giving priority to illegal immigrants. As I have often stated, don’t Americans also want a better life? Again, too little, too late.

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How long before……

…the official flag of the United States of America looks like this?

After all, why make all of the  immigrants from all those other nations feel bad? These people contribute so much to our nation and our standard of living, the least we can do for them (besides welfare, food stamps, and generally kissing their asses) is to include their flag into our national tapestry. Remember, we are a nation of immigrants.

Because a relative handful of people from a  handful of Western European nations settled this land at great expense and personal suffering, and, because these people eventually gained independence, from their masters in the old world,  at great expense and personal suffering, this obviously means that we are a nation of immigrants. Therefore, centuries later everyone in the world has a God-Given right to come to America – especially those from the Third World.

Makes sense to me!

One last thing. Even as far back as the turn of the 20th century the Cultural Marxists were busy setting the table for the present day as evidenced by the plaque added to the Statue of Liberty in 1903. You know, the plaque with the poem written by Marxist Emma Lazarus.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

This ridiculous and evil poem may as well be our new constitution. The one we have now is pretty much done for.

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Poor Mexicans – nobody likes them!

After Mexico’s elimination from the World Cup (good riddance, I say) their manager, coach, or whatever they are called, cried like a baby at the unfairness of it all. The a-hole, whose name I don’t remember, and who is not worth my time looking up, wailed that the “whole World Cup was against Mexico.”

Poor little Mexico!

The fact of the matter is that besides politicians in the United States, nobody really gives a second thought to Mexico. Nobody gives a shit! The rest of the world barely even knows you exist. The rest of the world doesn’t have to cater to you and kiss your asses.

If you think I’m being rough on poor Mexico, or that I’m Anti-Mexican, you are actually right.

Mexico is a corrupt and dysfunctional nation. What makes a nation corrupt and dysfunctional? Corrupt and dysfunctional people – that’s what! Imagine a nation where 90% of the population wants to leave. What does that say? And do the Mexican people hold no blame for the disaster that is their failed nation?

The kicker is that these same Mexicans who sneak across our borders are supposedly extremely proud to be Mexican. My neighborhood is saturated with Mexican flags. In fact, Mexican flags outnumber American flags probably around 50 to 1.

Pride: one of the 7 deadly sins.

I don’t pretend to be a psychoanalyst but I see this baseless sense of pride as some sort of defense mechanism. In fact, here in the diversity capital of the world, Queens, NY, the people form the biggest hellholes on earth seem to be to most proud of the cesspools from which they escaped. On the other hand, one doesn’t see too many Dutch, German, or British Flags. Oh, I almost forgot, over 80% of immigrants since 1968 have come from the lovely Third World – never mind!

We are Mexicans! And as we sneak over the U.S. border and live in America illegally, commit other crimes and milk the U.S. taxpayer, we are still so proud of Mexico. In fact, we are so proud that we want to turn the U.S. into a carbon copy of Mexico. If this pathology makes sense to you then you’re probably a democrat or some other variety of mindless, soulless sheeple.

The statement of the Mexican soccer coach doesn’t really surprise me. This is the victim mentality that comes from entitlement. And in all honesty, we (America) are to blame for this. We have coddled these parasitic criminal invaders for decades. While they are breaking our laws and sticking their middle fingers in our faces, we pretend that they are the poor victims. We repeat nonsensical catch-phrases like: they are just looking for a better life – they are religious and family oriented people – and the best yet, they are natural conservatives!

What a sick fucking joke!

As I stated, I live in the most diverse borough in the most diverse city in the nation, and I can tell you that the Mexicans who live in my neighborhood do little but greatly depress the neighborhood’s standard of living. The neighborhoods they inhabit are generally filthy. They throw thrash on the street. They piss on the streets, often in broad daylight. They use our parks and leave behind tons of garbage, including baby diapers with crap in them. They stick to themselves and refuse to assimilate into our culture. They are not friendly to Non-Mexicans. They (men) are often walking around at all hours of the night drunk as skunks. In my opinion, through my decades of observation, they are an uncouth, inconsiderate, dysfunctional people who don’t give a crap about their host country, their neighbors, or where the money comes from that supports their search for “a better life” in America. Not to mention that they seem to be too dumb to contemplate what will happen when the producers – the taxpayers – are all dried up of cash. As Margaret Thatcher once said “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Even single-celled parasites know that it’s a no-no to kill the host!

Family oriented, natural conservatives showing us what they really think.

I’m sorry (not really) if my rant upsets some people’s sensibilities, but I’m sick and tired of watching our country lurch towards balkanization and third-worldism. So to the asshole coach of the Mexican soccer team – take your victim mentality and go fuck yourself! Regardless of whether they express it openly or not, deep down nobody likes entitled whiners who refuse to help themselves and demand that others cater to them. If you really believe that everyone hates Mexico, then maybe I just gave you a tiny fucking clue as to why.

P.S. If you want more proof as to the pathetic depths we’ve sunk to as a free nation, take notice how much coverage was given to the fact that a Mexican military chopper crossed into American airspace and fired on our border patrol. Our press, our congress, and most of all, our executive branch, do and say nothing! And I talk about Mexican dysfunctionalism? It seems that the American sheeple need to be manipulated by the media in order to get outraged over something. That’s right, sheep. Just look at the newsfeed from your Facebook page and react accordingly.

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The farce that is “immigration reform”

Politicians (aka frauds, phonies, liars, cheats and cowards) from both sides of the political aisle continue to throw around the term ‘immigration reform.’ Often they throw the word ‘comprehensive’ in there for good measure. It sounds better to the mindless sheeple they cater to.

Even Rand Paul, who I distrust more and more, is obsessed with immigration reform. The staple answer to all of the illegality at the southern border is “we need comprehensive immigration reform.”

The cold fact is that immigration reform is simply another term for blanket amnesty for everyone who is in this country illegally. Of course, once these criminals obtain the legal status to remain in this country and receive US citizenship, they will then be allowed to bring in their entire family. You know, we can’t break up families.

There is no need for comprehensive immigration reform! All that needs to be done to fix the border problem is to INFORCE THE LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE FUCKING BOOKS! Entering this country illegally is against the law, as is ignoring the stipulations of your tourist visa. People from Mexico, Central and South America sneak across our border, while illegal immigrants from everywhere else, particularly the Middle East, simply come here on a visa and never leave.

I these people were not allowed to access our schools, job market and social welfare system, they would not come here.


However, things being as they are in this ever corrupt political systems, the term immigration reform will not go away anytime soon. Republicans seeking office in order to fatten up their bank accounts, as well as their egos, will continue to throw the phony phrase around. In reality, 90% of them are for amnesty and open borders. They just don’t have the guts to admit it.

By the way, an unreported fact of the invasion that has now ramped up on our border is that the Catholic Church is involved up to its corrupt eyeballs. They have been footing the bill for flying many of the “poor children” into our country. Again, it’s about power and money, plain and simple.

Saying we need immigration reform to supposedly stop what’s going on at our border is like saying that we need traffic light reform because too many people are running red lights.

Real immigration reform would be to amend the immigration act of 1964 which has allowed more than 80% of legal immigration to come from Third World non-European nations. Fifty years of this is far too much, and the damage may already be unfixable.

We are losing/lost our national identity.
We are losing/lost our culture.
We are losing/lost our free market economy.
We are losing/lost our middle class.
We are losing/lost the American Dream, which evidently, no longer applies to Americans.

Don’t fall for the “comprehensive immigration reform” shtick, whether it’s coming from BHO or Rand Paul. This is simply a code phrase for a deal for blanket amnesty in return for alleged promises to seal the border and other implementations that will never come to pass. Reagan gave amnesty to about 3 million illegals in the mid-eighties with promises that it would be the last time and that the border would be sealed. How well did that work out?

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America, it was good to know you

Any moron with half a brain should be able to see the writing on the wall in regards to America’s future. In fact, the writing on the wall is written in letters the size of mountains. Only a complete idiot or zombied-out reality denier cannot see what’s coming.

Is the future of this nation set in stone – or is there a chance to avoid the nearly inevitable?

If we had a true opposition party that actually puts on the gloves and fights the Marxist-Left, maybe America could possibly pull off a last second victory. But one has to do a lot of assuming and dreaming to even get to a point where we can toss the desperate Hail Mary pass. Even if Republicans can hold the House and take back the Senate later this year, and a Republican can somehow win the White House in 2016, what will really change?

Look what BHO is now doing on our southern borders. These people will probably get to vote, if not this November, then for sure by 2016. This is an evil and illegal plan to permanently change the demographics of this nation, and thus turn it into a bankrupt and corrupt (meaning much more corrupt than it is already) Socialist state. If we had an opposition party, this alone would be an impeachable offence – if not outright treason for allowing a foreign entity to overtake our nation, something that has never happened to America since its founding.

If by some miracle the Republicans do gain complete power of the government, they almost certainly will not do what needs to be done. They don’t have the intestinal fortitude nor the moral compass to do so. Like the other party, the Republicans will sell out the futures of their grandchildren in a New York second in order to enrich themselves in the short term. They are afraid of the media. They are afraid of words…racist…xenophobe…homophobe…etc. They are afraid of skin color – black and brown. They are morally bankrupt cowards and relying on them to save this once great nation is like relying on a three-hundred pound jockey to win the Triple Crown.

So what’s next for America after the almost inevitable collapse?

There’s a great piece over at Amerika that goes into some feasible scenarios, which unfortunately, may be the best possible outcomes for freedom-loving true Americans who still wish to remain on the landmass known as The United States of America.

Read piece Here.

The author, Charles Lyons, ends the piece with this extremely sad but true sentence – “America, you had a good run but we all need to prepare for a future without you.”

Oh how I wish that statement was not so true.

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Taliban prisoner swap: GOP is all talk and no action

The internet is full of stories about the GOP saying that BHO’s prisoner swap, you know, the one where he swapped 5 Gitmo prisoners for one pro-Muslim scumbag deserter, was illegal.

The Republicans claim that BHO broke federal law. Really now? Do they mean like all the other hundreds of times he’s done so? Do they mean like the changes, delays and waivers to Obamacare after the law was passed? Something like that?

What has the GOP done while BHO has been running roughshod over the constitution and the rule of law for fucking six years – nothing! Al they do is talk!

Some gullible bloggers are even saying that this could finally lead to BHO’s impeachment. Grow up and stop waiting for Santa Claus to crawl down the chimney already. The Republicans shit in their pants at the very thought of impeaching the “first black president.” They will never impeach him. All they will ever do is whine, bitch and complain. And even most of this whining, bitching and complaining is strictly for the consumption of their stupid gullible constituents. It’s to get money to fund their campaigns – plain and simple!

When evidence was produced that would be more than enough in any court of law (although political corruption in the courts is slowly becoming the norm in the former USA) clearly shows BHO’s birth certificate to be 100% fraudulent, what did they do? Nothing! They refused to even look at the evidence, just as political/religious elites supposedly refused to look through Galileo’s telescope for fear of what they may see. They also refuse to look at his other phony documents. They also remain silent as church mice on his refusal to release any records of any kind dating back to freakin kindergarten. Nothing to see here! We will get rid of him in the 2012 election.

The GOP had plenty of chances to throw BHO out of the White House. They chose to do nothing! They are terrified of the man’s skin pigmentation and the cries of racism from the MSM. Their opposition to him has been tepid to non-existent. Maybe, just maybe, some are scared because of the information the NSA has on them – who knows?

Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that the GOP gains control of both houses of congress and then the White House in 2016. Does anyone really believe that Obamacare will be repealed? Does anyone really believe that the borders will be secured? Does anyone really believe that the tax code will be simplified and the IRS reigned in? Does anyone really believe that energy prices will go down and that we will become energy independent? Does anyone really believe that spending – real spending – not just cuts in the rate of growth, will decrease? Does anyone really believe that the Federal Reserve will be abolished and that we will get back to a sound monetary system?

Keep dreaming!

If you believe any of these things will happen under GOP leadership, you are extremely naive or just a plain outright fool. Let’s not forget that Bush and the republicans had complete control of the government for six years. What do we conservatives/libertarians have to show for it? The answer is nothing! We got two wars that we didn’t really fight to win. We got a phony housing bubble to quell the masses. And eventually, we got bailouts and too big to fails.

It’s time to wake up and face reality. The GOP is slightly better than the democrats but if you really desire true change, true freedom and true prosperity, I’m afraid you’ll be gravely disappointed – once again!

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That can’t happen here!

The so-called liberals, the rank and file liberals, of this country are so stupid, so ignorant, so naive, so intellectually lazy, that it’s becoming nearly impossible to stop the train from going off the cliff. Some rank and file republicans and conservatives aren’t too much better, be it for slightly different reasons.

You see, there are millions upon millions of people in this once-great nation that really seem to believe that the air, soil and water in America have super God-Like powers. These people actually believe that things that have been happening all over the world for thousands of years just can’t happen here. They really believe that America is immune from the very laws of nature – particularly human nature.

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard a mind-numbed sheep blurt out the ridiculous phrase ‘that can’t happen here.’ Often enough, those words also come from the mouths of so-called republicans. We can’t have martial law imposed in America. We can’t have our bank accounts confiscated here. People will never be thrown into prison or into reeducation camps for speaking their minds here. Gun confiscation will never happen here. The internet as well as our entire power grid can never be shut off here. Our government doesn’t lie to us and spy on us, not here. After all, this is America. We are immune from all the evil non-Americans have suffered from over the centuries, and are still suffering from today.

No, those things don’t and can’t happen here in America. We have free elections here. We have democracy. All we have to do to solve our problems is to elect a new president.

Furthermore, America is so special and magical that it can actually transform savages into pleasant law-abiding citizens who love baseball, apple pie and old glory. All these people have to do is set foot within our borders and there will be an instant transformation.

A couple of days ago there was a story out of Pakistan where a family stoned one of their daughters to death on the steps of a courthouse right in front of the police. The woman’s crime was marrying someone not approved of by the family. Meanwhile, thousands of immigrants from Pakistan and other Middle Eastern hellholes continue to pour into our country every single day. The brain-dead zombie liberal will simply shake their heads and with a straight face tell you that it’s ok because they can’t do those types of things over here because it’s against our laws. Never mind, that the real issue is why we would want people who have that type of evil and barbarism in their hearts and minds to begin with. Isn’t comforting to know that your Muslim neighbor would love to slit your throat and/or stone you to death and the only thing holding him back is a law.

Liberals and other sheeple also believe that America can absorb millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, from Mexico, Central and South America without anything ever changing – without any consequences – without their current standards of living being drastically affected. You see, according to these zombies, just stepping onto American soil will cleanse these people of their ignorance, as well as all the other destructive and filthy habits of the Third World. In fact, even republicans and conservatives have gone as far as calling Mexicans ‘natural conservatives.’ What a fucking joke! According to these dimwits, Mexicans don’t sneak across our border to gain access to our social welfare system and leach off the American taxpayer, they do it because they believe in low taxes, a balanced budget, and small government.

Again, it must be that American air which causes this miraculous and instantaneous transformation.

These assorted idiots, misguided idealists and 30-year-old adolescents actually believe that there is nothing to the concept of national identity. They believe that all cultures are equal, and therefore, must be respected. And who needs a national language? Who needs such an old fashioned and outdated concept? Hell, even the great conservative, Rush Limbaugh, has stated on many occasions that there is virtually no genetic difference between people of the world and that all people basically desire the same things. Really, Rush? Excuse me for being a skeptic, but I highly doubt very much that I desire the same things that illegal Mexican immigrants and Pakistani immigrants do.

I’m an immigrant and I’m about as different from a Pakistani and Mexican immigrant as a frog is from a horse. It’s not entirely about genetics, Rush, it’s about the culture. And yes, I believe know that my culture is better – far better – than Middle Eastern culture and Mexican culture. I couldn’t even stone a rat to death, much less a member of m own family. I’m also incapable of sneaking into another country then demanding rights and demanding that I be catered to. But hey, who am I, a privileged white European male, to judge?

I know, I know, I’m a racist. Please tell me something I don’t already know.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that America is not immune to poverty, ignorance, corruption, and all of the evil that is ingrained in human nature. All it takes is to be awake and to have the courage to admit what you see with your own eyes. The most dangerous phrase in modern America is ‘that can’t happen here.’

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Celebrate Diversity!

Even though this happened last week, I just couldn’t pass on commenting.

A “Brooklyn man” was arrested for beating his wife to death because he disapproved of the dinner she served him.

Read story HERE.

That’s correct, this happened in the once-great borough of Brooklyn, which like most of NY City, is slowly but surely turning into a Third World cesspool. I can’t rag on Brooklyn too much though, because my home borough of Queens has the prestigious distinction of being the city’s most diverse. Lucky us!

Anyway, this Pakistani Muslim immigrant took great offence at the meal his 66-year-old wife cooked up for him. She prepared some lentils while Mr. Hussain had his heart set on some scrumptious goat. So much for trying to stretch the family food budget. At least Mr. Hussain wanted to eat the goat instead of…never mind.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

The lawyer (Court-appointed and taxpayer funded, I’m sure) for this walking turd is using the culture defense in representing her client. She – yes, a woman – contends that her client didn’t believe he was doing anything wrong because in his country and culture it’s quite ok to knock your wife around a little bit every now and then. No big deal! And because we are such a multicultural nation, we should be very tolerant of all the cultures that are represented in this great tapestry, bar none. Isn’t that what we are told, ad nauseam? Isn’t this what they teach little Johnny in the public schools?

Celebrate diversity!

Who’s to say that Mr. Hussain isn’t going to walk on these charges? I’m sure his defense team can come up with a few Pakistani immigrants to sit on the jury. True, they may be a few less cabs to hail for a week or so, but that’s a small price to pay for cultural justice.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

The citizens of America better start getting used to this scenario because this is what happens in multicultural societies. Why should all these immigrants follow our western culture? Shouldn’t all cultures have a say into what is acceptable and what is not? Shouldn’t all cultures have their own laws and justice system instead of having to abide by our Euro-Centric customs and laws?

Celebrate diversity!

Does anyone with at least a double digit IQ believe that it’s strictly accidental that 85% of the immigrants since 1968 come from the lovely Third World? This is obviously no accident. The evil global elite began dismantling this nation decades ago. What we are witnessing today under BHO is the quickening – the coup de gras.

Remember, diversity is our strength!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t possibly be married or have any type of close relationship with someone who doesn’t share my core values. Not agree on everything, just share the basic values that dictate how we live our lives and how we decide what is right and what is wrong. Notice that even western feminists are not rushing to marry strict Islamic men from the Middle East –at least not yet, anyway. Why do we, and other western nations, believe that we can import people into our society who don’t come close to sharing our values and not suffer the consequences?

Stay calm and celebrate diversity!

So, here we are in the balkanized USA where the natives must accept every foreign culture as equal. This includes cultures that beat their wives to death over an unsatisfactory meal and don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with it. The Democrat Party continues to push this national suicide while the Republicans stick their collective heads up their asses and don’t do a fucking thing to stop it.

Diversity is NOT a strength, and it never was. Particularly artificially created diversity – forced diversity. Multiculturalism is a death sentence for western culture. It’s a death sentence for North America and Europe. It’s a death sentence for economic and personal liberty. Multiculturalism is a means to an end. It can’t simply be reversed whenever the populace finally come to their senses an decide that enough is enough.

Go ahead, gullible sleeping Americans, embrace multiculturalism and celebrate diversity. But you may as well be celebrating your own extinction.

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