Police Officers gone wild – female edition

I saw a video on The Blaze that showed, yet another, female officer going off the deep end in a situation that was relatively benign.

After watching the attitude and actions of this female cop, there is no fucking way this woman – this bitch – should be allowed to keep her job.

See Blaze piece and video HERE.

The officer, or deputy, claims that the man she handcuffed, and whose phones she illegally confiscated, in his own home, was acting aggressive and that she “feared for her safety.” As you can see from the video, the woman is not only unstable, but she’s also a bald-faced liar.

So let me get this straight. All a police officer needs as permission to violate a person’s constitutional rights is for said officer to fear for his/her safety. Are the lives and safety of police officers somehow more important than the lives of regular citizens? People, especially in big cities, fear for their safety every single fucking day of the week. And the overwhelming majority of these people are not allowed to carry weapons. In many cases, like here in NYC, citizens can’t even legally carry mace.

If I am walking down the street at night and spot two black teens with their underwear exposed walking towards me, do I have a right to a preemptive attack on them simply because they may make me a little fearful? Which, by the way, wouldn’t be the case because I have more courage and guts in my fucking pinky toe than this sorry excuse for a police officer does in her entire being. Besides, unlike many cops, I don’t escalate situations with anyone, in fact, I always try to de-escalate tense situations. Fighting is always the last option for me.

If this female cop is in constant fear of her safety and can’t handle a little heated back and forth with a stressed out citizen without losing her cool, and she can’t handle being legally recorded, she should look for another fucking job before she kills an innocent unarmed citizen!

Unfortunately, this bitch is all too typical of today’s law enforcement. She is a little totalitarian who believes that a fucking badge gives her the authority to violate people’s rights and treat them like shit. This woman does not have the capacity, personality or people skills to work in a drive-through window at a freakin Burger King, much less deal with people under stressful situations.

Yes, having armed agents from the government come to your home is stressful for most normal people.

But this is 2014, and the remnants of what was once America, demands that five-foot-tall females be instituted as law enforcement officers. The world would surely fall apart if there were no female cops. Today, everyone with the exception of white males has the right to partake in any profession they choose regardless of their abilities to carry out the demands of that profession. This is, after all, fairness.

By the way, this so-called deputy came out of the military. Lucky us! These are the type of people our federal, state, and local governments want working in so-called law enforcement. They want people who will simply follow orders from up the chain of command without question. A militarized police force that treats the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve as enemies in combat.

Again, if due to their smaller stature, lack of physical strength in comparison to males, and genetic makeup that isn’t suited for potentially dangerous physical confrontations, perhaps having women in law enforcement is a mistake. Maybe, just maybe, having something to prove isn’t a qualification for such work. Maybe, just maybe, people’s distorted opinion of fairness shouldn’t take precedent over the rights and safety of innocent citizens just trying to live their lives.

Speaking of fairness, there are tons of horrible male cops who have no business whatsoever in that line of work. Cops in general have become more aggressive and more violent over the past decade or so. Many seem to live by the credo ‘shoot first and ask questions later.’ Many don’t seem to have a sense of proportion. Yeah, sure, being a cop isn’t any easy job. But the fact is that being a cop is a choice. Nobody gets drafted into the police force. If you don’t have the capacity for dealing with the public in a respectful manner, if you have thin skin, if you are impatient, if you have a chip on your shoulder, if you don’t respect people’s personal liberties or the constitution, or, if you are overly fearful, you have no business doing this kind of work – period!

Check out the video below of another bully scumbag cop tripping teenage girls at a soccer match – what a fucking disgrace!

YouTube Preview Image

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Repeating the BIG LIE

They say that if you repeat a lie often enough, especially a big lie – a whopper, people will eventually believe it.

Evidently, this is the ploy used by the liars who continue to push the myth, hoax, fairy tale, fantasy, fable, that is man-made global warming, aka climate change. It doesn’t matter how many times these sleazy crooks are caught lying or manipulating the data, they continue to push forward with the latest whoppers about this completely phony crisis.

Sadly, most Americans are now either dumb or lazy – many are both. These are the people who fall for the Big Lie. These are the people who research nothing and rarely think for themselves. These are the people sheeple who believe everything they hear from the MSM. These are the people who watch every reality show, baseball, football, and basketball game, but can’t even explain the difference between capitalism and communism. These are the suckers who believe they live in a world where the truth is aligned with their pathetic personal needs and agendas. These are the people whose shallowness of thought is matched only by their self-centeredness and ability to compartmentalize their reality.

There is yet another bullshit study coming from the United Nations claiming dire consequences for humans if they don’t deal with global warming. They warn that we must rapidly switch to wind and solar power in order to avoid “catastrophic global warming.”

Read bullshit propaganda piece HERE.

Not only is the western media completely dead, western science is close to death as well. Science today is both highly politicized and monetized. Go along with the program and receive billions in funding that will allow you a nice six-figure salary and other perks for the rest of your working life. Buck the system and you struggle for work or be forced to change careers. Not to mention being mocked, ridiculed, and compared to Nazi sympathizers.

Far too many people in high places are invested, politically and financially, in the global warming/climate change hoax. The useless infrastructure is nearly in place with billions already invested. The global elite were promised that the deal would be a slam dunk. But it hasn’t been as smooth as they hoped.

But these global elites need not worry too much. The MSM and Hollywood will continue to push this fraud right down the throats of the world’s middle class. Why resist? So what if our energy costs go up 500 percent while our salaries and savings continue shrinking. It’s a small thing to do for our environment – for future generations. Never mind that future generations will be born with monumental debt and a standard of living far below what we have today. At least the air in the governmnet slums they’ll be living in will be nice and clean and there will be no more pesky ‘change’ in their climate.

If only the deniers (aka Nazis) would get out of the way and stop causing trouble.

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Jeb Bush: Illegal immigration is an “act of love”

I waited a few days to post something on this because I was so fucking mad when I heard about this, that any post I did would have been little more than a tidal wave of four-letter words and other various obscenities. That’s how pissed off these New World Order elitists, especially those who masquerade as republicans or conservatives, make me.

You probably already know I’m referring to Jeb Bush of the Bush Crime Family. Oh how I’m sick of these people already. Oh how I wish they would take their billions and just go away and leave us peons alone already.

And you probably already know about the recent statement from this POS that has me so fucking irate. Jebby excused illegal immigration by saying that it’s done as an “act of love” for their (illegals) families.

This scumbag is an apologist extraordinaire for the millions of illegal invaders who have snuck into our country over the past few decades. He is obsessed with amnesty and open borders. He is obsessed with the welfare of foreigners while American citizens live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet.

Remember when this piece of crap said that Hispanics are more virile and love their families more than Americans? I assume he was specifically talking about whites – who else?

Yeah, Jebby, it’s easy to be virile and have a dozen kids when you live on the backs of American taxpayers and are content with living in a roach-infested little apartment with 12 other people. Maybe our (Americans) standards are too high. Maybe we should be satisfied with living like feral cats so we can have more children. God knows that only people like the Bushes should aspire to a good standard of living. Elitist bastards!

No, Jebby, illegal immigration is not an act of love –but I’ll tell you exactly what it is:

It’s an act of selfishness and laziness. Yeah, they may be thinking about their families, but how about the families of citizens who have to suffer a lower standard of living, lower wages, and higher tax rates? Not to mention the filth and crime that engulfs the neighborhoods they occupy. Why don’t they demand more from their own government? Why don’t they try to change their own system? No… it’s far easier to just come in and leech of the American taxpayer. And while you are here, illegally vote for people that will enact policies to bring America down to the economic standards of Mexico. I guess these people are far too dumb to foresee what will happen when the goose can’t lay anymore eggs.

It’s an act of disrespect. They don’t respect our borders, our sovereignty, our rule of law, our tax payers, our culture, our language, or anything else, for that matter. They contribute little but cheap labor for greedy corporations and business owners. Once here, they claim victimhood and act with a sense of entitlement to what took Americans centuries to build. Oh, I almost forgot. The southwest once belonged to Mexico and we stole it from them. Hmmm…did New York City and Chicago also belong to Mexico at one point? I must have been playing hooky during that history lesson.

It’s an act of aggression. What they are basically doing is invading our country without having the guts to do it the old fashioned way – by declaring war. They are displacing the host population through mass migration and mass breeding. And if you are one of those liberal zombies who assume that your children and grandchildren will receive good treatment when they are the minority, you better think again! The children of these illegal invaders are taught, in our own schools, that they have been wronged by white Americans, they are taught to hold a grudge, they are taught to despise us, they are taught that white Americans are the most evil people on earth and that they must finally be marginalized.

By the way, how many illegal Mexican immigrants live in Kennebunkport, Maine –  huh Jebby? And no, I’m not referring to the servants, groundskeepers and nannies.

These arrogant elitist bastards don’t have to deal with the consequences of illegal immigration like some of us do. Here in the once great borough of Queens, in the once great city of New York, we deal with it every single day. The neighborhoods where we grew up are now overrun by illegal immigrants who do little except trash our standard of living. They overrun our schools, our hospitals, our infrastructure. They are the only one’s walking around with 5 children, each a year apart, while middleclass citizens struggle to give one or two children a decent life and future. In parts of California, American students are prohibited from wearing clothing bearing the American flag because it may be offensive to illegal immigrants. Meanwhile the main lobby group for these illegal invaders goes by the name La Raza – translation – The Race. Their motto is: For the Race, everything, outside the race, nothing. By the way, one of our Supreme Court Justices is a member of this Hispanic supremacist group – what a country!

This shit doesn’t sound like love to me, Jebby.

I confess that I voted for G.W. Bush, twice. I now know this was a mistake even though the alternatives were probably even worse. If I could do it again, I would have stayed home or voted for the Natural Law or Constitution candidate. The Bushes are front men for the New World Order, along with their great friends, the Clintons. And believe it or not, Jeb Bush is probably the worst of the bunch.

The man is pompous.

The man is arrogant.

The man is an elitist.

The man is not a conservative.

The man is a progressive.

The man is an authoritarian.

The man does not have the best interests of America at heart.

The man is not fit to be the local crossing guard, much less the POTUS.

But never underestimate the stupidity of the republican establishment voter. A Clinton vs Bush election is, unfortunately, a very real possibility.

Meet the new boss – same as the old boss!

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Conspiracies and false flags don’t exist – WRONG!!

Twenty-first century America is chock full of words that are used to demonize, dismiss, and mock those who step out of bounds of the playing field that is political correctness, aka Cultural Marxism.

We all know these words/labels – racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, right wing, anti-women, sexist, tea-partier/tea-bagger, denier, and truther, just to name a few.

These words/labels are typically used to shut down dissent and to mock and humiliate those that dare question the accepted cultural and political status quo. The genius, supposedly, of these words is that anyone, no matter how dumb or uniformed, can use them as a weapon to shut others up and intimidate them into staying quiet. The scary part is that there are real-world consequences that can arise from having these words thrust upon a person. We are far beyond ‘stick and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.’ People targeted by these words often lose jobs, careers and reputations.

There is yet another label gaining popularity as a weapon against not only dissent, but against the desire for transparency and privacy. Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Theorist. This has become the weapon of choice to silence, mock and dismiss anyone questioning the actions of governments or other large powerful entities such as corporations and mainstream science. If you don’t fully accept the “official version” passed along by these entities through the MSM, you are probably a conspiracy theorist. If more mockery is called for, you may even be accused of wearing a “tin foil hat.”

We all know that governments, corporations and other NGOs never conspire to set off, or, cover up illegal events in order to achieve their agendas. Only an insane person could think such a thing! We all know that there couldn’t possibly have been any conspiracies in regards to Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and the chemical weapons attack in Syria. Only people of the highest moral and ethical standards are employed by governments and by multi-national corporations – angels, all of them!

Just this past week, top officials of the Turkish government were recorded suggesting a false flag attack on their own citizens in order to have an excuse for attacking Syria. Of course, the media either ignored the story altogether, or whitewashed it. In fact, some in the MSM attacked the leaker of the nefarious conversation. Again, false flag operations occur only in the warped minds of conspiracy theorists and in Hollywood productions, even though history is chock-full of false flag events that led to wars and other social shifting events.

At one time in our history, it was assumed to be the job of the press – The Fourth Estate – to question the “official story.” Today, however, we witness the MSM, time after time, take the “official story” and simply parrot it forward without further inquisition or verification. Thus, the current occupant of the White House, or should I say illegal squatter, has thousands upon thousands of press secretaries pushing his talking points and agenda.

Sadly, most Americans are now too lazy, too busy, or too ignorant to decipher current news events. Many believe that being informed simply means knowing about the latest gruesome murder trial, natural disaster, or celebrity divorce. Far too many still rely on their local network affiliate or daily tabloid for their news. Others simply tune into late night TV comedians to get their information. The real problem is the fact that many of these sheeple seem to have opinions that reach far beyond their pitiful knowledge, coupled with the right to vote. Hence the typical Obama supporter.

Personally, I’ve finally and completely turned the corner to where if some uniformed dummy, who knows all about the latest hit reality show, yet can’t name one member of congress or find Ukraine on a map calls me a racist, homophobe, Nazi, conspiracy theorist or a truther, I wear it as a badge of honor because it simply means they can’t debunk my arguments and compete with me on an intellectual level. I no longer waste time and energy seeking approval from the dumb, close-minded, lazy, cowardly or wicked. Life is too short and freedom is too precious.

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The slow but steady demise of Fox News – example # 23,376

Last night I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time. Ignoring my better judgment, I actually watched the very last segment of the O’Reilly Factor Farce on the Fox News Channel.

During this segment, O’Blowhard railed against Steven Seagal, yes, that Steven Seagal, for daring to hold an opinion that is at odds with the official party line at FOX NEWS.

To prove his point that Mr. Seagal is not only stupid, but a traitor to America as well, he invited on fellow FNC comrade Martha McCallum to tell us about what a bad guy Steven Seagal is.

FNC seems to believe that propaganda and other various bullshit is more effective coming from the mouths of blondes, natural or otherwise.

So are you ready to hear why Steven Seagal is such a bad, stupid guy? Are you ready to hear the outrageous statement he made that so irked Bill O’Reilly and Martha McCallum? Make sure you are sitting down because this is extremely shocking. Mr. Seagal dared to call the U.S. policy regarding the fiasco in Ukraine – “idiotic.”

My God! Let’s immediately convene a military tribunal and charge Mr. Seagal with treason! How dare he, or anybody else, give their opinion and question U.S. foreign policy? Does the wacky Steven Seagal actually believe that such an outdated thing like the First Amendment still exists?

Maybe Bill O’Phony is  right – maybe Seagal is crazy!

But that’s not all. O’Reilly, with the help of Ms. McCallum, then went on to make fun of Mr. Seagal’s hair and weight. What a fine piece of professional journalism. It seems that FNC has picked up some tips from their supposed competitors over at MSNBC. Use personal attacks to mock and demonize anyone who disagrees with you. Saul Alinsky would be very proud.

This is what Fox News has evolved into. They are nothing more than propagandists for the Neocons. Every squabble in the world requires American intervention of some sort. They have become nothing more than the official news station of the Republican establishment, just as MSNBC, CNN, and the major networks are the official shills for Obama and socialist democrats.

Whatever happened to ‘We Report, You Decide?’

I’m not trying to come across as a pompous know-it-all. Rather, like a recovering alcoholic speaking to a room full of addicts, I humbly admit that I was myself a dupe for FOX NEWS not too long ago. Longing for an alternative to the liberal MSM, I embraced FOX NEWS enthusiastically for probably over a decade. I wasted hours that can never be recovered watching stupidity like O’Reilly and Hannitty and Colmes. I actually went along, often times blindly, with their incessant Bush-cheering and war mongering. However, slowly but surely, one baby step at a time, I began to wake up. I began to see how FNC, just like all major media, censors certain news, that certain topics that are completely off the table. I began to realize that FOX NEWS plays the same games as the rest of the MSM, albeit from a slightly different political perspective.

While the political leanings and motives of individual corporate media entities may differ, their core objectives are essentially the same. That is to control the news and flow of information in order to obtain a specific desired effect on the viewers – to help make up the viewers minds for them. To keep the viewers (Americans) guessing, fighting, and picking sides, that often, don’t need to be picked.

Heads, they (Big Media and Big Government) win – tails we (American citizens) lose.

Last night Bill O’Reilly demonstrated, once again, how irrelevant, and frankly, unimpressive he actually is as a journalist. O’Reilly has complete disdain for anyone who doesn’t conform to his, or should I say, Rupert Murdoch’s, worldview. He is nothing but an extremely well paid shill – a hack! He is as phony as the Sahara Dessert is dry.

Never again will I waste a precious second of my time on this earth watching the charade that is The O’Reilly Factor.

Steven Seagal calls U.S. policy on Ukraine “idiotic” – see story HERE.

P.S. If you are going to accuse Steven Seagal of cozying up to Putin, then make sure to also mention how the Bush family has been cozying up to the Saudi Royal Family for decades, even though they fund terrorism, spread radical Wahhabism all over the world, and have a dismal human rights record. And let’s not forget that 15 of the 19 supposed 9/11 hijackers and their supposed boss, OBL, were also products of Saudi Arabia. It’s not a choice I have to make, but I’d chose Russian and Putin over the Saudi Kingdom any day of the week.

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The death of David Yeagley – and of the West

A couple of weeks ago a man by the name of David Yeagley passed away from cancer. Mr. Yeagley was, among many other things, an American Indian activist. Part Comanche, his great-great-grandfather was the famous Comanche leader, Bad Eagle. David Yeagley was also an accomplished writer, lecturer, and composer.

So why hasn’t there been a peep on the MSM about the death of Mr. Yeagley?

The problem is that David Yeagley was blacklisted by the MSM quite some time ago because, although an activist for Native Americans, Yeagley warned the “White Man” of his impending demise at the hands of massive third-world immigration.

Mr. Yeagley not only warned the White Manpale-face – that he faces the same fate as his people, but also admonished the White Man for lacking the warrior spirit- guts – to fight back, as his Comanche ancestors did.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yeagley was absolutely correct. While the American Indian valiantly fought for his land and culture, the White Man cowers at the thought of mere words being flung his way. RacistXenophobeWhite Supremacist – etc. At the same time, the White Man allows the indoctrination of his children by government-run schools, as well as for-profit colleges and universities. The White Man allows his children to be bullied into hating themselves for simply being white! He allows his children to be shamed into carrying guilt that is not theirs to carry. Far from being a warrior, the White Man has shown himself to be an unmitigated coward – a coward of such magnitude that he actually rejoices, or pretends to rejoice, at his own extinction.

David Yeagley:

“American is not a haven for losers, criminals, and populations of failed Third World countries but, open immigration has made it such.  The Third World is overrun by mindless reproduction, low standards, destructive religion, filth and disease.  To invite such defective masses is suicidal for any nation.”

And where in our constitution is it written that everyone in the world has a right to come to America? The fact is that the people who want to destroy this nation, and western society as a whole, know exactly what they are doing. They are winning the war without firing a single shot. They use words like fairness and catchphrases like ‘looking for a better life’ to play on the emotions and misplaced guilt of western nations – especially the United States.

Simple question: why is diversity and multiculturalism only pushed in white-majority nations? Why are white nations for everyone, while Asia remains for Asians, Africa is for Africans, and the Middle East for Middle Easterners? Why is diversity not pushed on Saudi Arabia, or Mexico, or Peru, or Columbia, or Japan, or China, or Kenya? Why is diversity only a strength for Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States? What is this but a well-planned genocide against a people who only comprise roughly 25% of the world’s population? Why is white people becoming extinct a good thing?

These are rational and valid questions that have a right to be asked without accusations of racism and white supremacy.

I believe that all people have a right to exist, a right to self-determination, self-government, as well as their own language and culture. If that makes me a racist and a white supremacist, then so be it. No nation should lose its culture and self-determination simply through mass migration. But then again, isn’t this what the New World Order is all about – One World –  One Government – one people with no discernible culture or heritage – a world of slaves who don’t know their own history, or via brainwashing and intimidation, are afraid of it.

Mr. Yeagley in his own words:

YouTube Preview Image

R.I.P. Mr. Yeagley

BTW: Let’s not forget about the so-called Hispanic-rights group, La Raza, which advocates for amnesty and an open southern U.S. border, and which is considered a mainstream “civil rights” group by the mainstream media. The translation for La Raza is – The Race! Their slogan translated to English is as follows: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing!”

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The Truth Is!

YouTube Preview Image

The problem is that most people CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

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Barbie doll Dana Perino shows her NEOCON fangs

Dana Perino is usually all about pink ribbons, kittens and puppies. Her typical nauseating shtick is similar to that of her former boss, G.W. Bush – the phony ole aw shucks, little ole me, simple salt of the earth country bumpkin routine.

But don’t let that act fool you, and don’t dare suggest that every single world conflict isn’t the responsibility or the business of the United States because you’ll quickly see the transformation of a Teacup Yorkie to a Pit-bull – from David Banner to the Hulk. And that’s exactly what happened on yesterday’s episode of The Five.

See Blaze piece HERE.

However, the Blaze fails to mention that Miss Goody Two Shoes not only showed her fangs to lefty Bob Beckel, but to fellow conservative Eric Bolling, as well. The last time Ms. Prissy got so hot and bothered was probably when she watched Captain Von Trapp and Maria share their first kiss.

Neocon roots run very deep and Ms. Perino is obviously still very loyal to the doctrine established by her old boss – that being the Bush Doctrine, of course. Never pass up the opportunity to use military force in order to enrich your cronies in the military industrial complex.

Who can blame Ms. Perino  (I sure can, and do) for her loyalty to the Bush regime? After all, who would ever have heard of her if good ole G.W. didn’t tap her on her delicate little shoulder and ask her to be his Chief Propagandist…I meant to say, Press Secretary.

In spite of my instinctual dislike for Bob Beckel and his kind, he is absolutely correct about the Crimea issue. It is none of our business! If anything, it’s a stand for the corrupt EU to take, as Eric Bolling pointed out, since they certainly helped to ignite the Ukraine crisis in the first place. Why should American taxpayers, and possibly American troops, have to pay for Ukraine’s inclusion into the EU? If the EU wants to pick the bones of the Ukrainian people, let them go nose to nose with Putin. But no! Angela Merkel doesn’t dare openly challenge Putin, lest her gas supply is abruptly shut off. Like your typical sleazy politician, Merkel plays both sides while keeping her dainty (NOT!) little hands clean. Let the American suckers take care of our business, just as they have been ever since the end of the last World War. What a punishment for Nazi aggression, eh?

Then again, I’m starting to think that this entire Ukraine fiasco may be just another distraction from what is really happening right under our noses. Wealthy bankers continue to off themselves (or getting offed) at record numbers as the flimsy house of cards that is the global economy and financial system continues to crumble. Let’s not forget that war-criminal Bill Clinton bombed innocent Serbian civilians and sided with Islamists in a civil war just to deflect attention from a stain on a blue dress. And, let’s never forget that the sociopaths and psychopaths who basically run the world are capable of anything to further their personal and political agendas – including starting World War 3.

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