John McCain: Sleeping with the enemy

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Muslims are being oppressed by their totalitarian governments!

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Islamic Preachers: Churches should not be built in Islamic countries

Over the past few decades Americans have been beaten over the head by the media, the education establishment, and by politicians on the virtues of tolerance. Tolerance is fine, but tolerance of bad behavior and evil is not virtuous, it’s just plain suicidal!

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F.B.I. scrubbing their counterterrorism manual to please Muslims

Have we really learned nothing from 9/11? Evidently not!

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Still mad as hell about 9/11

How anyone can ignore the teachings of the Quran in relation to the 9/11 attacks, and the thousands of terrorist acts since then, is truly mind boggling. While not every individual Muslim is our enemy, make no mistake that Islam is. The teachings of the Quran are totally incompatible with individual freedom, justice, love, and Western Civilization in general.

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Behar and Whoopi throw hissy fit – walk off the set of the view

Far from being funny, people like Behar would actually be very dangerous if they ever gained complete power. Compassionate progressives like her would have little compunction in silencing all opposition to their political views. While preaching diversity, they strive for a world where collective thought is the accepted norm.

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September 11th, 2010

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Illegal immigrants borrow a page from the Islamic playbook

Now it seems that the illegal immigrants and their supporters are using the same victimhood card that Islam has been using. Who could blame these law-braking invaders? It seems o be working great for the Islamists!

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Ground zero mosque – no…we haven't forgotten!

We will never forget, even though many Americans have. We will never forget even though the evil cretins who want to build this disgraceful mosque wish we would.

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