White racism or black crime?

Today we have the talking points from the MSM and the lies from Al Sharpton and the NAACP – then we have the truth.

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The post Zimmerman acquittal narrative: “Just trying to get home”

All of a sudden, the national mantra, propagated by the disgraceful MSM, of course, is that blacks can’t walk the streets – “just get home” without being confronted and shot dead by a gun-toting white people.

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Obama should throw political opponents in jail

These next four years will most likely determine whether or not Americans will simply submit and walk slowly into the dark abyss, or whether a clear line will finally be drawn in the sand.

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Open letter to Black Democrats

You (black Americans) should ask yourselves why you never see white Democrats doing their best Jackie Mason impersonations when addressing Jewish groups. And more importantly, you should also take notice that you never hear white Democrats warning Jews that Republicans are going to put them back into concentration camps.

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Al Sharpton and the Trayvon Martin case: The end game

Sharpton is now engaged in the biggest project of his miserable life. He has taken it upon himself to turn the tide of the upcoming election and save Barack Obama’s presidency.

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Posted by admin · March 31, 2012 · Category: Elections,Politics,Race · Comments (1)

Obama, Trayvon Martin, and race relations in America

A failed attempt if ever there was one. President Barack Dinkins? Crown Heights?

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Trayvon Martin:unfortunate pawn in Obama’s reelection campaign

The fact is that the death of Trayvon Martin is simply a tool of the Obama reelection campaign – period!

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Hip-Hop culture: Hypocrisy or stupidity?

There is no more a materialistic culture than current day Hip-Hop! While the overwhelming majority of this culture live in Section 8 housing and are near the very bottom of the economic ladder, the thirst they have for all things expensive would make even the Housewives of New York City blush.

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Posted by admin · May 17, 2011 · Category: Hip-Hop Culture · Comments (1)