Stop Recreating!

‘Sir, you are recreating.’

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A few get it – most don’t!

Wow…he actually said wants to “look out for his race!” Only if you’re not white can you get away with saying that and not be called the dreaded R-Word.

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Rand Paul continues to obfuscate on the amnesty question

We want immigrants who share our values. Why do we want to import people who believe in wealth redistribution and cradle to grave socialism?

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Mexico’s immigration laws

It seems we no longer have anyone within our vast government who is interested in protecting the rights and needs of American citizens.

Ted Cruz speaks out against the amnesty bill

Lately, it seems that Senator Ted Cruz is the lone voice of truth in the cesspool of lies, backroom deals and corruption that is the U.S. Senate.

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Mark Levin slams amnesty obsessed Republicans

Mark Levin: “The purpose of a nation is to secure society for its citizens, not foreigners who come here illegally.”

Jeb Bush: Immigrants are more fertile – WTF!?

If these “immigrants” have such positive attributes, then why are the countries they come from such horrific dysfunctional cesspools?

Whites a minority in America by 2043

When whites become the minority will they become the beneficiaries of affirmative action, quotas and racial set-asides?
When whites become a minority will it then become acceptable to have groups and organizations exclusively for whites? Like the NAAWP or the white students union. When whites become a minority will the constitution have to be scrapped and replaced with a new one? After all, the current constitution was written exclusively by whites.