Atlas Shrugs: U.S. relied on Muslim Brotherhood for Libyan Consulate security

This is like having Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore guarding the Twinkie factory.

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A mosque grows in Brooklyn

Basically all of these mosques popping up in residential neighborhoods and their rude calls to prayer are just a big F-You to the rest of us. They don’t really need all of these mosques; they build them to send a message – as symbols.

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Republicans on the defensive over Arizona massacre?

Maybe I’m not up to par with the information that Fox News has about the pathetic loser who did the shooting, but I have yet to hear that Jared Loughner is a registered Republican. If I was a gambler, I would bet the house that he isn’t! In fact, I would bet that the little punk is some sort of skate boarding liberal anarchist type.

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Islam continues to push the envelope

If we allow Islam to take hold in America like it has in parts of Western Europe, we will doom our future generations to a dark and oppressing existence. Make no mistake about it; Islam is slowly but surely pushing the envelope every single day. They are testing us to see how far and how fast they can go. They are testing us to see if we will fight for our culture and civilization, or just curl up and submit.

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Self-hating liberals of community board 1 approve mega mosque near ground zero

What is just as sickening as the proposed building of this Mosque is the fact that they want to use September 11th 2011 as the grand opening. That’s right; on the tenth anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks, the super Mosque will open while there is still nothing but a gigantic hole where the Twin Towers stood. The symbolism is as clear as it is evil! While the families and friends of the victims hold their annual memorial to read the names of the murder victims, they will have to endure the opening of this Mosque.

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