Mainstream media mute on rising gasoline prices – what a shock!

How will an incumbent president who has openly spoken about his desire to purposely “skyrocket” energy prices deal with $5 gasoline?

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A recap of Obama's one millionth speech

I did notice that he gave one of his very rare speeches from the Oval Office. It was reported that he wanted to fly to Tahiti to make the address, but both Air Farce One and Air Farce Two are both having their engines overhauled due to the extreme stress they’ve been under the last few months flying Michelle, Barry, family, friends, bikes, and dog all over the planet.

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Obama’s BP speech: a crisis is a terrible thing to waste

I really don’t know what the Administration could have done to help stop this oil leak, but I truly believe that if Obama had a secret weapon that would plug the leak he wouldn’t use it until it politically suited him. To radicals like him, the ends always justify the means. If it takes a couple of billion gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico destroying millions of small business to finally put an end to oil drilling once and for all, so be it!

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Healthcare reform: A victory for socialists and dummies – a defeat for freedom and reason

This whole healthcare fiasco was filled with dirty backroom deals, intimidation, lies, and taxpayer funded bribes. It finally culminated with Bart Stupid…I mean Stupak and his phony pro-life coalition caving in to Pelosi and Obama.

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The myth of the centrist democrat

By definition, a true centrist would have a rating near 50 plus or minus a couple of points. Using this definition, Nebraska’s Ben Nelson is the only Democrat Senator who comes close with a 47.26 lifetime rating. The next closest senate Democrat to that center 50 mark is Florida’s Bill Nelson with a 37.28 lifetime rating.

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Mobs of Nazi sheep

Over the past couple of weeks, Democrats (including the phony “blue dogs”) have been getting an earful from concerned and fed-up citizens during their town hall meetings pushing “healthcare reform” – better known as nationalized or socialized medicine. I really don’t know what these idiot Democrats were expecting, but they sure weren’t expecting what they’ve gotten.   […]

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Rude Awakening

I never cared much for Jim Cramer; I always thought that he was kind of sleazy. I also remember when he co-hosted the CNBC show Kudlow & Cramer. While I don’t pretend to be an expert on Wall Street, I know a political moron when I see one. Cramer was always on the wrong side […]

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