The problem is that ignorance of Islam is as rampant as body odor and head lice at an OWS rally.

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Here come the Grinches

If religion is based on irrational fear, and is the cause of all the wars throughout history, then Islam should be the prime target for atheists.

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Michael Moore – A pious Christian?

Michael Moore did what many on the left have started to do; he used the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, and Christianity in general to argue for “compassionate” cradle to grave government programs.

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More inspirational stories from the religion of peace

In past posts on this blog, I have written about my concern for the seemingly inevitable tolerance and even perhaps adaptation of Sharia Law in the United States.   Due to the massive immigration of Muslims, many countries in Western Europe are already on the brink of accepting Sharia Law into their societies. The question […]

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