Repeating the BIG LIE

They say that if you repeat a lie often enough, especially a big lie – a whopper, people will eventually believe it. Evidently, this is the ploy used by the liars who continue to push the myth, hoax, fairy tale, fantasy, fable, that is man-made global warming, aka climate change. It doesn’t matter how many […]

The global warming house of cards continues to crumble

The reason that the establishment holds on so tightly to the current “climate change” narrative to promote this scam is because the economic infrastructure that allows frauds like Al Gore to make hundreds of millions of dollars is pretty much already in place.

Rand Paul obsessed with how the Republican Party looks

Much like the Left, Rand Paul seems to define diversity in a very superficial way – simply as skin color.

Shocker! The Left politicizing Oklahoma tornadoes and mocking victims

One can always count on the Left to use any tragedy or crisis, natural or man-made, in attempt to further their hateful and radical political agenda. This politicization usually entails attempts to further take away people’s hard-earned money and/or put further restrictions on personal freedoms.

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Welcome to Obama’s America

Welcome to Obama’s America, hope you enjoy your stay.

Tim McCarver blames global warming for surge in home runs

The media is the media, it seems; it matters little whether it’s news or sports, or even weather.

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My sincerest apologies for being a denier

So please forgive me for being so gullible all of these years. I promise that I’ll reeducate myself as best as possible until the glorious moment when the U.N. can finally set up a system of mandatory reeducation camps for all deniers – repentant or not.

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Al Gore has been vindicated!

The media never asks the Left (Democrat Party) to explain their ideological connections with Louis Farrakhan. Or, asks the Obama administration to explain why Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are big fans of the president.

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