The slow but steady demise of Fox News – example # 23,376

Never again will I waste a precious second of my time on this earth watching the charade that is The O’Reilly Factor.

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Obama propaganda machine alive and well in Europe, too.

It’s no longer enough to just do a good job if most people don’t know you’re doing a good job.

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Is the recent Romney hit-piece on Newt Gingrich really anything new?

I do recall that the democrats were in serious pay-back mode after Gingrich organized the first Republican House victory in 40 years.

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The BIG QUESTION is coming soon

So please don’t expect anyone (including Palin and Bachmann) to commit political, and perhaps professional, suicide on national television. Do not expect anyone to take a stand on the fraudulent felon who currently occupies the White House. Do not expect anything but solid assurances that they (all the candidates) are firm believers in Obama’s fairytale cover story.

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Weiner starting to sweat

When it becomes impossible for Weiner and his people to deny that he sent the tweet, he’ll then come clean and chalk it up as an inappropriate yet innocent “prank” he pulled on Ms. Cordova and all his other 45,000 followers.

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Al Gore has been vindicated!

The media never asks the Left (Democrat Party) to explain their ideological connections with Louis Farrakhan. Or, asks the Obama administration to explain why Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are big fans of the president.

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Dear Mrs. Bush………

Larry King interviewing Barbara and George H.W. Bush; if that isn’t a sure fire cure for insomnia, I don’t know what is.

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Media redefines free speech

Newsflash!!! We already have a fairness doctrine in place on most radio programs. It’s called the network news break.

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