Obama propaganda machine alive and well in Europe, too.

It’s no longer enough to just do a good job if most people don’t know you’re doing a good job.

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Posted by admin · September 18, 2012 · Category: Election 2012,Marxism,Media Hypocrisy · Comments Off

Left-Wing Restaurateur Mario Batali and partner to pay 5.25 million to waiters in “tip dispute.”

Isn’t it just like a rich liberal to have the hutzpah to claim support of the supposed 99% while stealing from waiters, waitresses, and busboys?

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Posted by admin · March 8, 2012 · Category: Stupid Celebrities · Comments (3)

Republican candidates arming Obama against Romney

Class warfare stinks whether it’s coming from Maxits, or whether it’s coming from Republicans.

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Our adolescent president throws another hissy fit

Please Mr. Obama, calling you a socialist isn’t in the least bit a stretch – and you know it!

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