Maybe Joba should get a real job

This past Wednesday, New York Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain pitched eight innings of three-hit ball in a victory against the Tampa Bay Rays. The 23 year old Chamberlain is now 3-0 with a .083 ERA after the All-Star Break. When asked by a reporter why the big turnaround after the break, the dimwitted Chamberlain went […]

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Global Governance via Global Warming

The SOP (standard operating procedure – for all the Obama voters) for most left-wing politicians has been to hide and deny their liberalism or statism, especially during an election campaign. For many of these politicians, the ruse doesn’t end when the campaigning does. Many left-wing members of congress rely on the ignorance and apathy of […]

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If the word fits…….use it!

For years now, I and many others like me have come to believe that our federal government is out of touch and out of control. Since the election of the Statist Barak Obama, this phenomenon, like the deficit, has gotten exponentially worse.   Believe it or not, I really don’t want to talk about Obama […]

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Navy Seals 3 – Somalia Pirates 0

As everyone but the most hard-core Obama voter knows; yesterday, the U.S. Navy Seals rescued the Captain of the U.S. merchant ship Maersk, Alabama. Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage by low-life Somali pirates since Wednesday. The deadly Navy Seal snipers put a bullet into the empty skulls of three of the miscreant Muslim pirates, […]

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Worst of the Worst

According to the Gallup Organization, the United States Congress reached a four year high this month in their national approval ratings. Due to the fact that 57% of brain-dead Democrats believe that the crooks in Washington are doing a stand-up job, their approval rating has climbed to a whopping 39%. This is up 25 points […]

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