Liars and Frauds – Frauds and Liars!

I would rather live knowing the terrible reality than live in blissful ignorance. I only hope that I can live long enough for all of these frauds to be exposed – and punished accordingly. Anyone who takes anything from the media and government at face value is…well…you know. I’ve slowly and sorrowfully come to understand [...]

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Polish illegal alien deported back to Poland – by hospital

the real immigration policy of the United States is simply this: get here and you can stay here – unless you’re a white Christian European, that is.

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Jeb Bush: Immigrants are more fertile – WTF!?

If these “immigrants” have such positive attributes, then why are the countries they come from such horrific dysfunctional cesspools?

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Whites a minority in America by 2043

When whites become the minority will they become the beneficiaries of affirmative action, quotas and racial set-asides?
When whites become a minority will it then become acceptable to have groups and organizations exclusively for whites? Like the NAAWP or the white students union. When whites become a minority will the constitution have to be scrapped and replaced with a new one? After all, the current constitution was written exclusively by whites.

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Combating terrorism – a simple start

Since 9/11 we, as a country, have spent billions (trillions if we count the wars) on the war on terror.

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Señor Hannity makes up his own rules on presidential eligibility

It seems the standard for being a Natural Born Citizen are getting weaker and weaker by the moment, and radio talk show hosts are making those decisions.

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American flag is racist and xenophobic

If you are a legal immigrant, please respect our culture, our language, and our flag. You are not in your homeland anymore – you willingly chose to come here! It is your responsibility to assimilate into our culture. It is not the responsibility of Americans to adjust to your language and your culture!

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Don’t blame young people for Obama – not young white people, that is.

Making babies and raising children are two different things.

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