Lebron decides on Miami: did taxes play a role?

I’ll be patiently waiting for King James to hold another press conference in the near future where he’ll throw his support behind the Tea Party Movement and the Conservatives. I’ll be waiting for him to endorse Marco Rubio for the Florida U.S. Senate and Republicans Bill McCollum or Rick Scott over Democrat Alex Sink for the Florida governorship. Then I’ll wait for him to endorse Barack Obama’s opponent in the 2012 presidential election.

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Bill O’Reilly annoys the hell out of me!

Much like the other famous self proclaimed independent, Lou Dobbs, O’Reilly never lets his viewers forget how fair and pragmatic he is. For example; whenever O’Reilly speaks of a Democrat politician who is accused of impropriety, he feels he has to add the obligatory “both side do it” cliché into the mix. What’s really annoying is that when O’Reilly uses that pathetic ploy, he never names the people on the other side who are supposedly guilty of the same transgressions.

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CNN uses kids to spread propaganda

The media has once again showed how utterly in the tank they are for Obama and his socialist policies. CNN invited some students from the Ron Clark Academy to come into their studio to sing a pro-Obamacare song about the current healthcare reform debate.

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Maybe Joba should get a real job

This past Wednesday, New York Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain pitched eight innings of three-hit ball in a victory against the Tampa Bay Rays. The 23 year old Chamberlain is now 3-0 with a .083 ERA after the All-Star Break. When asked by a reporter why the big turnaround after the break, the dimwitted Chamberlain went [...]

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Numbers don’t lie – Democrats do!

United States Senate Democrats 60 seats Republicans 40 seats   United States House of Representatives Democrats 256 members  Republicans 178 members   The Senate Majority Liar, Harry Reid and the Liar in Chief of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama are at it once again. They’re out in front of the pathetic news media doing [...]

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Global Governance via Global Warming

The SOP (standard operating procedure – for all the Obama voters) for most left-wing politicians has been to hide and deny their liberalism or statism, especially during an election campaign. For many of these politicians, the ruse doesn’t end when the campaigning does. Many left-wing members of congress rely on the ignorance and apathy of [...]

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Letterman, shuster, Imus, & free speech

In light of the recent David Letterman fiasco, in which he joked about Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter being “knocked-up” by Yankee Alex Rodriguez, I’m reminded of what happened last year to a very liberal MSNBC anchor.   On February 8th of 2008, MSNBC’s David Schuster was suspended for saying the following: “Doesn’t it seem [...]

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Blissful ignorance vs. harsh reality

I’m back from a short, but well needed vacation from the world of media and politics. I strongly suggest that everyone take a week off without watching any news shows, listening to the political talking heads, and most of all, not listening to anything coming from the Obama administration. After a week or so, you’ll feel [...]

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