Liberals and illegal immigrants

Liberals are like a plague. They spread around the globe until nobody is safe from the disease they carry.

Transformed from a brain-dead liberal to a 9/13 Republican

“No matter what field I looked in, no matter where I looked, it was always the same. Invariably, the modern liberal will always side with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, the ugly over the beautiful, the evil over the good – across the board.”

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“Let’s Go Burn Some Gas”

For that mere second I forgot about the America I currently live in.

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The twisted liberal mind

This explains something that has befuddled some people: the fact that while Senate hopeful Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren should be hopeless after revelations surfaced that she advantaged herself by lying about her heritage, she’s actually neck-and-neck in the polls with her opponent, Scott Brown.

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Hanging with Liberals

Did I learn anything from these wasted four and a half hours? Not really! If anything, it just solidified my belief that liberals are the most predictable creatures on the face of the earth – not to mention annoying and stupid.

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The Weiner gals

What’s starting to irk me just a little bit about the entire Weiner scandal is the media’s (left, right, TV, print, and blogosphere) attempt to portray the Weiner women as victims. They are as far from victims as I am from playing center for the Los Angels Lakers next season.

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Once again I’ll be too busy to watch Obama’s State of the Union speech

Those of us with functioning brains already know what Obama is going to say. In a nutshell, he’s going to take a page out of Bill Clinton’s book by pretending to be a moderate in order to snooker those silly gullible Independents.

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What’s the real purpose of multiculturalism?

The cold hard fact is that multiculturalism was and is the brainchild of the hard left. It is nothing more than another weapon in their arsenal to destroy Western Civilization as we know it. It may very well be their most effective weapon yet!

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