Petraeus resignation not simply about affair – really now?

After all, BHO loves his country – just ask Bill O’Reilly.

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Media still stuck on stupid

The MSM continues to blame the riots, chaos, and murder enveloping the Middle East and parts of North Africa on the “offensive video” that hurt the fragile feelings of Muslims.

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Not only murderers, but rapists as well

Isn’t it something that a so-called religion that is supposedly so anti-homosexual, and is known to execute gays, finds it desirable to rape male infidels?

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Is it time to slash foreign aid?

So who is stuffing their pockets with all of these billions now? And what is the money being used for? I think even Kim Kardashian knows the answer to that question. That money is, and will be, used to fund terrorism and to further spread Islam throughout the globe. That is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood!

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Cheering Gaddafi’s Death

My philosophy regarding Barrack Obama is pretty simple; if he likes something, I’m automatically suspicious of it.

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Libya: Just who are we supporting?

In the early eighties, the Mudja Hadine fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan were naively and romantically portrayed as “freedom fighters” and friends of the United States. Sure, they were friends of ours while we were funding and arming them, but what happened when the smoke cleared and the Soviets left? They became the Taliban – that’s what!

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