How about our state media?

Obviously, the people of Great Britain suffer from the same malady as most Americans. They actually believe that the western media isn’t in bed with the state.

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Conspiracies and false flags don’t exist – WRONG!!

I no longer waste time and energy seeking approval from the dumb, close-minded, lazy, cowardly or wicked. Life is too short and freedom is too precious.

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Government sponsored medical lies are slowly killing us

Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that whatever the mainstream media tells us about health is pretty much the opposite of the truth. And While the MSM may be operating on pure ignorance, the reasons behind all of this misinformation is a lot more sinister – I believe.

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Pat Caddell speaks the blunt truth about the MSM

I completely agree with Mr. Caddell in his assertion that the media’s actions are a danger to the survival of this nation – that and illegal immigration.

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Media still stuck on stupid

The MSM continues to blame the riots, chaos, and murder enveloping the Middle East and parts of North Africa on the “offensive video” that hurt the fragile feelings of Muslims.

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Trayvon Martin:unfortunate pawn in Obama’s reelection campaign

The fact is that the death of Trayvon Martin is simply a tool of the Obama reelection campaign – period!

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Former pot calls kettle black; pot is right!

Again, I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, or until my fingers fall off. Where are all of the experts on the Left that wish to put their reputations on the line in defense of Obama’s long form birth certificate? Step forward please and show why all those right-wing document experts are so wrong.

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Corrupt Mainstream Media disinterested in gasoline prices

Obama wholeheartedly wanted the Keystone Pipeline project to go forward, but he couldn’t because the application wasn’t filled out properly. Besides, Obama has done everything in his power to put a Chevy Volt in everyone’s driveway. Is it his fault that Americans are too stupid to purchase this wonderful car?

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Posted by admin · February 16, 2012 · Category: Elections,Media Madness · Comments (1)