Now it’s baseball – not enough diversity!

Where is the “diversity report” for the NBA?

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How about Affirmative Action for professional sports?

But there are no women in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB so there must be something wrong.

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NFL thug Ray Lewis: beloved by small children and corporations alike!

Roger Goodell, you are a dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly POS!!

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Another reason to hate the Mets

This Bill Maher deal is not only good for the Wilpon’s, but it’s also good for Keith Hernandez because he can no longer be called the called the biggest a-hole in the organization.

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Tim McCarver blames global warming for surge in home runs

The media is the media, it seems; it matters little whether it’s news or sports, or even weather.

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Government set for retrial of the dangerous Roger Clemens

Why not make examples of the Jon Corzine’s of the world that steal or “misappropriate” hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, and in the process ruin thousands of lives?

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Hey NY Yankees! Sorry you didn’t re-sign Lance Berkman yet?

Andruw (no, I didn’t misspell his name) Jones and Eric Chavez: these are the two washed up has-beens the Yankees signed this past winter. Lance Berkman, who ended the season with them last year was allowed to leave and sign with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Luke Scott knocks it out of the park

Show us your birth certificate Mr. Obama! The rest of us have to show ours in order to get drivers licenses and passports. Show us yours! Show the world how crazy, hateful, and racist we “Birthers” are! While you’re at it, please release your college records and grades, term papers, Harvard Law Review articles, passport records, medical records, etc.

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