McCain and Graham to Obama: Arm the Syrian rebels ASAP

Now our government is ready to give arms to the same people went to war with – WTF?

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John McCain: Sleeping with the enemy

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Muslims are being oppressed by their totalitarian governments!

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Muslim Brotherhood grabs complete power in Egypt: One sheepherder in Himalayan Mountains surprised!

There are actually people out there that expressed shock at this development.

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Posted by admin · November 24, 2012 · Category: Arab Spring · Comments (2)

Atlas Shrugs: U.S. relied on Muslim Brotherhood for Libyan Consulate security

This is like having Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore guarding the Twinkie factory.

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Posted by admin · September 23, 2012 · Category: Islam,Uncategorized,WTF? · Comments Off

Media still stuck on stupid

The MSM continues to blame the riots, chaos, and murder enveloping the Middle East and parts of North Africa on the “offensive video” that hurt the fragile feelings of Muslims.

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Posted by admin · September 15, 2012 · Category: 9/11,Islam,Media Madness,Terrorism · Comments Off

Is it time to slash foreign aid?

So who is stuffing their pockets with all of these billions now? And what is the money being used for? I think even Kim Kardashian knows the answer to that question. That money is, and will be, used to fund terrorism and to further spread Islam throughout the globe. That is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood!

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Posted by admin · September 12, 2012 · Category: Islam,Politics,Terrorism · Comments Off

F.B.I. scrubbing their counterterrorism manual to please Muslims

Have we really learned nothing from 9/11? Evidently not!

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Posted by admin · April 23, 2012 · Category: Islam,Political Correctness,Terrorism · Comments Off

Cheering Gaddafi’s Death

My philosophy regarding Barrack Obama is pretty simple; if he likes something, I’m automatically suspicious of it.

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Posted by admin · October 21, 2011 · Category: Obama's America · Comments Off