Oprah the Race Hustler

Where is Oprah’s outrage over the kidnapping and brutal death by blowtorch of a white 12-year-old boy by a 44-year-old black woman?

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Is Lance Armstrong finally coming clean?

In the end, Lance Armstrong will probably get by ok. After all, in today’s society a disgraced celebrity is still in fact, a celebrity.

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Good riddance to Rosie O’Donnell – again!

America is finally on to Rosie O’Donnell; and they just don’t like her. Her Queen of Nice mask has slowly morphed into a mask that makes Freddy Krueger look like Shirley Temple.

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Holder (Not Obama!) changes his mind on KSM trial

My crack team here at Gotham Resistance did some snooping around and found a memo containg the list of advisors Mr. Holder consulted with about the sudden policy reversal.

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