Brits don’t Cair for savage

Yesterday it was announced that radio talk-show host and author Michael Savage has been put on a list by the British government that bans him from entering their pathetic country. This list also bans known terrorists and Neo-Nazis. Back in February, Dutch politician and short-film maker Geert Wilders was banned from entering Britain for his […]

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More BS from Bloomberg

In a recent Michael Bloomberg campaign ad, the Nanny of New York City “focuses” on the city’s middle class. You notice how every two-bit politician attempts to pander to middle class voters when they are up for re-election. Is it because they actually care about middle class people? No it’s not; it’s because the middle class are […]

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Treachery in Trinidad

Over the weekend our esteemed leader Barak Hussein Obama was in Trinidad & Tobago attending the Latin American Summit of the Americas. Obama just loves to get out of the White House and fly on Air-Farce-One. I wonder if there’s something about the White House that makes him uncomfortable; maybe it’s the name…I don’t know! […]

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Barak Hussein Obama – Fiscal Conservative!

In a stunning display of fiscal responsibility, Pharaoh Obama has ordered his cabinet members to find a way to cut a whopping $100 million from their collective budgets. Wow! This Obama guy really is a “conservative!”   This, like everything else he does, is a cynical ploy to appease the millions of dummies out there […]

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Liberal Media Meltdown

As if there was ever any doubt as to the agenda of the liberal mainstream media and its total lack of objectivity, this Tuesday they exposed themselves to the world as the shameless flunkies that they are.   All of the usual suspects, including Keith Dope-ermann, Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Chuck Todd, and all of […]

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Dean and the Dope

If you’re a dedicated Daily Kos reading left-wing liberal kook, you probably also enjoy tuning into that pathetic excuse for a cable news station, MSNBC. This station is supposed to be the anti-Fox News for cable television, but as usual, the left gets it wrong again. You see, Fox-News is actually ‘fair and balanced” just […]

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Pathetic pandering pelosi

Of all the infinite number of things that make modern day politicians so disgraceful, their pandering to special interest groups is at the top of the list. These disgusting scumbags, also known as Senators and Congressmen, have no shame in kissing up to anyone who they think will be a potential vote. They don’t give […]

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Conformists without a cause

Throughout the 20th century, American youth has always been portrayed as being somewhat rebellious. This portrayal hasn’t been a negative one, but rather an example of the independent spirit that Americans have always been known for. It was thought that a certain amount of rebellion among young people was healthy; that it would help them grow […]

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